What is the status of the TTN Gateway?

(Jose Marcelino) #330

OK, VAT invoice arrived by email from SkyNet:

£62.42 VAT tax + £5 admin fee = £67.42

At least the admin fee is lower than what Royal Mail or DHL would charge.

(Remko) #332

@arjanvanb With mine nothing happend until now. So dissapointing.

(The Things Products Team) #333

Update regarding the shipment:

  1. All the backers who didnt have Skynet as their carrier should have received their package or would be in transit (some are stuck due to storm in US)

  2. For the ones with Skynet, there was a delay from their side asking for phone numbers which has now been dealt with and should be on the way. Those who still haven’t provided the phone number please drop me a line (info@thethingsproducts.com) and we will forward it them asap. (Thankfully they are working till 30th, so we can still fwd the details.)

Now for the remaining people waiting for their gateways, we would not be choosing Skynet in the future (only FedEx and DHL), your details are already sent to the carrier and we are waiting to get the tracking id. This will be sent to you as soon as we get them.

Once the above batch is over, we will start with rest of the world (outside EU/US). We have faced enough issues with the first batch to ensure we dont encounter anything similar. Please be patient while we arrange the shipment of your package.

Hope you all have a pleasant weekend. In case you need any more information feel free to drop me a line.

The Things Products Team


@TTP I submitted my info twice about my Kickstarter pledge. I’m in EU but didn’t heard anything back. Is there a way to get info?


This poster only joined 7 hours ago…
@wienkegiezeman (or other), can someone confirm if this is the new face of TTN on this forum?


it is

(Marcovanschagen) #338

I am so impressed about the super smooth install sequence - my compliments! Now looking forward to see them appear on the map.

After ordering 2 gateways in the TTN shop I noticed in the discussions above that Farnell was shipping out quicker, so swallowed my pride and placed an order there. It arrived yesterday!

Actually it is superb that we can now buy 5 gateways for the price of one kerlink. With much smoother install procedure. That is insane. Wienke, big compliments.

(Remko) #339

Status changed to Shipper/Receiver Initiated Shipment Detail Change did not alter today . It seems as if the information i provided to TTN was not put trough 2 weeks ago. #sad


Thanks! All credits to the team. At TTN and TWTG (aka Tweetonig).

(Arjan) #341

London, almost there now…

(Remko) #343

@arjanvanb Still no change here. status is: “Shipper/Receiver Initiated Shipment Detail Change”


Like many others, No change for me, no tracking number and still no email response from TTN. (and yes, I did send repeated emails before the holidays).

I and many of us were told by email


Well “soon” passed a while ago so what else about this promise could also be considered bogus?
Well how about the latest status post by @TTP on this forum ?!?, Whose first post mentions a “second batch” with a backtrack statement to “please be patient”.

All people want is consistancy in their communications.
Can we please have a defined way to find out our status.
If it is bad news, then just say so, instead of telling a lot of us cr*p info and letting us down.

By the way, Happy new year :slight_smile:


BTW, it seems that both TTN GW (EU868) and TTN UNO (EU 868) pages on farnell.com contain tech. docs for US915.

And I see no datasheet or other docs on TTN shop pages.

Where can I see EU declaration of conformity etc.?

At all, is there a way to issue DoC for LoRaWAN GW? What firmware/software version shall be indicated? Although this may be a subject for another discussion… And I’m surely not a (EU) lawyer.

(Jose Marcelino) #346

My VAT payment cleared (I did bank transfer to SkyNet, credit/debit card option has a surcharge) and gateway is due for delivery tomorrow.

Good news: it’s DPD who do the final delivery so I get a 1 hour window delivery estimate, no need to hang around all day.


No news here… i.e. no tracking number. I really would like to know, when finally devices which are part of the second batch start to ship. Be patient… a ridicoulous statement after two years! Obviously they are not able to communicate facts… I mean real facts not alternate ones.


I wouldn’t be happy about it being DPD, they have a record for deliveries going missing aka stolen by contract staff.

(Jose Marcelino) #349

They all have a record for that… or like Amazon leaving parcels inside neighbours recycling bins…

Fortunately that was not the case and the TTN gateway arrived safely to me! Delivery was actually by DPD Local (old Interlink Express), not the DPD red.

(The Things Products Team) #350

There are a few people (around 30-40 in number) left to provide their phone numbers to Skynet, will be reaching out today to collect the remaining details and forward them to the shipper.

As for the remaining people, the next batch consists of over 800 gateways, really pushing to start the shipment by the end of this week. Will send all the recipients a final confirmation along with the tracking codes as soon as we receive them.

The Things Products Team


The delivery status does not appear to change - my package is visiting London all together too long. I’ve not received any communication regarding making a VAT payment – no invoice, no account number. Who should be sending that to me?

This whole process is very unclear and very slow.

(Martijn13) #352

Thnxs @TTP tp for the status update.