What is the status of the TTN Gateway?


Thanks for the update.

I provided my phone number twice over the last couple of weeks, however status for my shipment is still “On Hold - Requires Correct Telephone Number”, so what might be going on here? I am in contact with several other backers and their shipments all seem to be moving on beyond this status.

(Arjan) #354

It changed for me yesterday. I’ve no clue what time zone they’re using in the overview, but I first saw their “19:30” update at 16:26 Amsterdam time, so it cannot be GMT/UTC (despite that the time at the bottom refers to GMT; right now: “Tracking results provided by GETOnline : 04/01/2018 11:47:12 (GMT)”).


Mine is also at arrived hub London. Nothing yet about who does the delivery in .nl or about possible extra payment/customs/VAT.

(Remko) #356

Today my delivery went in to transit two times, for the third time in total.
There is not so much I understand about this process. seems a gamble to me.




“really pushing to start the shipment by the end of this week” ??

Times up, how did you get on?

(Jac Kersing) #358

Sounds like a luxary position. Some people have 1 1/2 day to go in this week before it ends… :wink:

(Willem (pe1dlf)) #361

sarcastic …

(The Things Products Team) #362

It is definitely not a pleasant site for us to keep announcing the delays and can imagine the frustration from your side too. The tracking codes were supposed to be sent out on Friday but we haven’t got them from the shipper yet. Really putting a lot of pressure on them to get it as soon as they can, will keep you posted at the end of day on the status.

(Arjan) #363

@TTP, the packets in London are stuck too.

(Remko) #365

@TTP my first packet is still in transit in HongKong :flushed:


That would also have been information that could have been sent on Friday. Why do you keep people guessing? It’s not like it’s getting better by just not telling it…


I just got my tracking number in an email from rish…
08-01-2018 17:01 HONG KONG Sender is preparing item for posting


Thanks for the promise to give an update later on (tomorrow morning?)
However, please can you translate "Really putting a lot of pressure on them to something we can understand.
How about sharing what the problem is and how you are attempting to solve.

Here are some options:

  1. Gateways still need to be made - why? - problems at manufacturer?
  2. Manufacturer still needs payment bnefore releasing items -Why? - Is there a problem with Element4U/Other (Perhaps not enough gateways have been sold to justify batch 2?)
  3. Gateways have been made, manufacturer has been paid but the items have not yet been picked up - Why? Surely this is a simple matter of finding out when the shipper is going to pick them up? If not why are they not ready to pick them up - addresses again?
  4. Someone within the TTN organisation has to do some admin work - Why? not enough people to help?
  5. Other reason

In each of the options, @TTP cannot “really push”, so the sentence appears to be nonsense really. Just want a believable explanation, thats all.

  1. No they are all produced
  2. No they have been paid
  3. They have been moved to our distribution partner and are now there in the warehouse
  4. The workload of the 1200 shipments indeed are impact us. But the bottleneck is at the shipment provider
  5. Nope, nothing really other than the plain complexity of shipping 1400 products to over 40 countries.


Thanks - Can we help (at all) - confirm addresses again / provide help in some other way?


Thanks a lot for the offer. I think that the people reading this forum very active and involved so I trust they respond to inquiries very fast.

For anything it is best to notify us fast of any irregularities once sees in the process, so we can act quickly.


Furthermore, our apologies for the lack of communication during the holidays. We were working hard in the background to get the shipments moving. We will try to give more regular updates through the TTP account from now on.


My Skynet/DPD delivered package just arrived today in UK. I was Kickstarter #789

(The Things Products Team) #374

We sent out the tracking information for half of the batch as they are ready to leave the warehouse. Tomorrow the other half will receive their tracking codes.

(Arjan) #375

Just read the following in the Kickstarter update:

If your order is still stuck with Skynet, please drop an email (info@thethingsproducts.com) and we will update you with the progress.