What is the status of the TTN Gateway?


I provided my telephone number multiple times, different days.
It looks like candid camera :slight_smile:

(Arjan) #377

Poland!? My delivery for the Netherlands is in London instead (since January 3rd).


my package fell from the plane above Poland


Got Mine :wink: :wink:

(Remko) #380

@TTP after several messages of my stuck delivery at Skynet no response from @TTP ever. Quite disappointing.


Yes, but you were smarter than many (already knew that btw :wink:) and didn’t back the Kickstarter but ordered through the webshop IIANM. Although some backers seemed to have received their GW.

To make ‘things’ even more transparent I guess it’s time for a poll at the ttn home page:

  • Did you receive your GW?
  • How was it “ordered” (Kickstarter, TTN webshop, Farnell, …)?
  • What shipment company fulfilled the order?
  • How would you rate communication by TTN / shipper?

(Don Hege) #382

As far as I know, the Farnell orders get delivered a couple of days after you ordered them. They have their own warehouses and their own stock, so this doesn’t need to be shipped from China or anything.

(Antony Fry) #383

I received my tracking mail and my Gateway & Node are being prepared for posting from Hong Kong, waaahay!

(Willem (pe1dlf)) #384

lucky you still no tracking email here :frowning:

(Martijn13) #385

@SmartEaling what is your order number? Kickstarter or ttn webshop?


Just received my tracking number yesterday. I’m kickstarter backer 207.


Tracking number received for UK Delivery - all good, thanks @TTP


still nothing here. my backer number is between 230 and 240 :frowning:


Nothing changed in status yet : Sender is still preparing item for posting… sine 2 days


Backer 193 here, my gateways (added another with the offer to do so) were delivered to Sweden just before the holidays. I unfortunately haven’t had the opportunity to even open the box yet. :slight_smile:

Hope those of you still waiting get your gateways soon!


Still at skynet hub in London. I did get a reply from Rish although I guess there’s not much they can do right now.

(Pipo2000) #392

My gateway was send with Skynet 15 december and it arrived a few days ago in Poland on its way to the Netherlands. Then I had to fill in a form and send them my BSN number, after that It was siiting there for a few day’s but today, 10 januari, I recieved a VAT invoice through the email asking me to pay 330 Polish Zloty (PLN). Thats about 80-85 euro’s. I just paid it through my bank and hope it will be cleared soon. All in all it is almost a month ago that this was shipped. Really snail mail this. Now hoping it arrives in good shape and I also have asked the VAT back in an email to the Things network. I will let you know when this payment is returned to me from the Things network.


:+1: Lucky you :slight_smile:. How was VAT handled in your case?

Incredible, you must have a great self discipline (and got your priorities all wrong :wink:)


Not sure about VAT yet, haven’t gone through the post and shipping docs…

Yea was hoping it would show up before Christmas, then I would have had some time to set it up. Will look at it in a few days :slight_smile:

(Eivind Holt) #395

Order #1861 from web shop, hoping for some information regarding shipment soon.