What it the alhoritm when LoraWAN Gateway received wrong message?

I have a theoretical situation where we have a LoraWan gateway with endpoints and also we have some Lora devices, that don’t use LoraWan protocol, but use the same radio setting.
What does Gateway do when receives an incorrect message? Ignore, change the channel, or something else? Also, what can LoraWAN nodes do when receive the wrong package?
I understand it will depend on concrete realization, but maybe someone checks it


A LoRaWAN gateway just forwards LoRaWAN packages to the server its connected to.

It does very little filtering. The LoRa modulation contains a sync word, for LoRaWAN this should be 0x34 (see RP002 document), so a LoRaWAN gateway may drop packets with other sync words.

LoRaWAN packets contains secure checksums. If the network server cannot match the secure checksum with a LoRaWAN application it knows, the packet is dropped / ignored. LoRaWAN gateways typically receive packets from several different LoRaWAN networks and they forward them all. This is part of normal operation and should not confuse them in any way.

If other devices are sending radio packets with LoRa modulation, they will probably cause interference at the radio level.

thanks for reply
so, it is not a problem, if my devices send a different message with LoraWan radio settings

It does nothing. LoRaWAN is not WiFi using a single channel. Perhaps watch the 60 minute introduction available in the learn section to get to grips with the technology?

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