What software to use fora a GPS tracker based on a ttgo t-beam v1.2


I would like to track where I am using a GPS tracker and TTN. The GPS tracker shall be based on a TTGO T-Beam v1.2.
Now there are TONS of projects on github telling me that they’re the best tracker-software but sofar none of them produce packets that my gateway receives (the gateway (a dragino) is in the same room and receives other traffic fine).
So my question now is: what software should I use? Preferably something that works with the latest TTN version (3?).

What do you mean when you say “I would like to track where I am using a GPS tracker” - given you will know where you are, who is using the information and how often does it need updating?

Do these projects on GitHub say that they work with LoRaWAN?

If the tracker is in the same room as the gateway, how big is this room? Too close and it will overload the receiver but that won’t matter as people will know where you are.

How much Arduino coding have you done?

You could use something like RadioLib & TinyGPS - those work fine on the T-Beam.

Hi @descartes,

I’ll be using the information via ttnmapper.org The frequency, well, what fits in the maximum air-time.

The github projects are all tailored for TTN.

Regarding the signal strength: I’m aware of that :slight_smile: But the latest project I tried does not even output anything at all (verified with an SDR).

I have done some arduino coding myself yes. I could in theory make something myself but I was hoping for a ready made solution.

If antenna connected correctly (and with correct gender types) SDR in same room should pick up any signal. If nothing next step is put SDR ~ 10-30cm away from device. The SDR should detect signal via circuit ‘leakage’, even with mis-installed ant. If still no signal then likely the device isnt transmitting - either faulty/broken or never being commanded to Tx. Have you run the device at all without an antenna connected - even briefly?

Given the by now large range of T-Beam versions with different radios, GNSS receivers and probably even pinout (haven’t bothered to check since the last two version), it’s most likely running software that’s not made for the T-Beam v1.2 and as a result some part of the software is not working.

If there’s nothing specifically available for the v1.2, then your best bet is to either try it yourself as @descartes said using RadioLib and TinyGPS, or buy a pre-made device (or wait for mine to launch soon :tm: :wink: )

Have you tried LMIC-node? (Version a bit old now, but should be still good)

If you look at the forks there is on or GPS tracking.

@Johan_Scheepers I see 102 forks… which one are you looking at?

Google me friend give me, the GPS tracking fork for Lmic-node :wink:

Try this one

It got some cool features

  • HOME_LATITUDE, HOME_LONGITUDE Here you can fill in the coordinates of your starting point. Used i.c.w. MIN_DISTANCE.
  • MIN_DISTANCE meters around your starting point where the mapper is not allowed to upload packages.
  • GPS_DEVIATION To ignore small displacements, send only packages when the tracker moves.
  • GPS_TX_PIN, GPS_RX_PIN The pin numbers of the gps module. Depends on the board type.
  • a payload formatter for version 3.

I wouldn’t endorse forks that include the following FUP-breaking text:

There a 4 possible intervals: 0c1E (30 sec), 0x3C (60 sec), 0x78 (120 sec) and 0xB4 (180 sec).

Also your instructions where to look at the forks, not try Google it :slight_smile:

Just one show stopping issue …

… LMIC has no support for SX1262 which is the radio on the T-Beam 1.2

I am not saying that my favourite shop is unfallible, but there are reports of v1.2s with an SX127x as well: https://www.tinytronics.nl/en/development-boards/microcontroller-boards/with-gps/lilygo-t-beam-v1.2-axp2101-lora-868mhz-neo-6m-gnss-esp32. Google also yields numerous results for a T-Beam v1.2 with SX127x.
The schematic from LilyGo is hard to decipher but the radio pinout seems to be a closer match to the SX1278 than the SX1262. But then there are also numerous reports of a T-Beam v1.2 with SX1262… so, yay LilyGo.

Pot luck what you get, but most probably it will have a SX12xx

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