Which gateway for a newbie? AU-Australia

Hi There, I’m wanting to start with the things network. I went ahead and purchased my first IOT starter kit (dragino lora) only to find out that the hard way that its firmware was not compatible.

So I’m wondering if anyone can recommend a gateway to use with AU frequency support, thats outdoor. I’d like to use the gateway for smart gardens / GPS IOT projects.

Any help is appreciated.



have a look at the AU communities and info first, maybe there’s one close to you

Self Contained, Water Proof, including inbuilt antenna

Mounted on top of 7 metre steel tube.

Sean if you can wait a few weeks this is about to be released.
Fully self contained, water proof, rated for full sun at 45C ambient, PoE powered, extra I/O on the gateway and full reporting of Gateway performance.

Reason for the delay - I’m off to present this at The Things Conference on Tour UK conference which starts next Monday

(Forgot to say, I’m in Australia and will be attending the Things Conference on Tour in Adelaide later this year

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Nice! I’m happy to support an Australian company for sure. Do you have any detail specs on it?


thanks Borroz, I’ve joined the one in Sydney.

Cheers for the help.


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Sounds great - shoot me any details you have.