Which hotspot fits my country?

Hey, so I’m really unsure which one of the hotspots, if any at all fits my country

Is there any way to check?

All I know is that the frequency plans are: EN 302 208 ( Might be more, unsure where to look )

I live in Israel.

Thanks in advance and apologies if that’s a common question!

Found this, is that what I’m looking for?

but also this

" Israeli regulators have prohibited use of 915-917MHz, but are considering adding a new band "

Israel is still a bit of a problem IIRC. Officially no plan available yet but under review/comment, with the authorities having allowed some limited deployments under licence. That said there are a number of gw deployed in country (on various networks not just TTN) some using 868 some 915 (but away from 915-917!) … and one of the largest metering companies, using LoRa/LoRaWAN is also based there and exports widely… so what the heck!

Perhaps consult with your local Community and lobby the authorities?

That’s just so confusing, I can’t seem to find credible information anywhere out there, As you mentioned there are some big companies that use that technology but it doesn’t seem to be widely available and I’m just unsure who to contact regarding premit to allot using the technology and at what frequencies :no_mouth:

I found this:

Could you please translate that to someone who doesn’t understand what it means?
Does that mean we ARE able to use 915 mhz miners?

Not sure what is confusing about:

Its illegal as yet unless you get permission hence:

So you need to contact the Israeli radio comms regulator/licensing body (perhaps locals can point you to who…)

As for

This is the TTN forum - not Helium! Perhaps you best ask on the Helium Forum…IANAL :wink:

Arie’s (now very old!) post specifically calls out the exact frequency band that per the LA documet is NOT permitted for use (915-917) so perhaps you need to contact him and ask he has permission/license/if it has been cleared…it sound like he has made up his own schema… and I dont see a GW online for the area

L-A RP doc https://lora-alliance.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/RP_2-1.0.2.pdf