Wifi/BLE Paxcounter Project with ESP32 boards

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Too bad :wink:

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I think i found it. Can you try again after updating from master branch?

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Hi, Thank you for your effort.
I tried compiling the last version but got new issues:

Processing generic (framework: arduino; platform: https://github.com/platformio/platform-espressif32.git#a7b1fe6; board: esp32dev)

PlatformManager: Installing platform-espressif32
Error: Please install Git client from https://git-scm.com/downloads

When I replace in platformio.ini:

platform_espressif32 = https://github.com/platformio/platform-espressif32.git#a7b1fe6


platform_espressif32 = espressif32@1.4.0

I can compile again but get new errors:

Compiling .pioenvs\ttgov21new\src\payload.cpp.o
src\ota.cpp: In function 'int do_ota_update()':
src\ota.cpp:255:58: error: no matching function for call to 'UpdateClass::begin(volatile int&, int, int, int)'
if (!Update.begin(contentLength, U_FLASH, HAS_LED, HIGH)) {
In file included from include/ota.h:9:0,
from src\ota.cpp:20:
C:\Users\drasv\.platformio\packages\framework-arduinoespressif32\libraries\Update\src/Update.h:44:10: note: candidate: bool UpdateClass::begin(size_t, int)
bool begin(size_t size=UPDATE_SIZE_UNKNOWN, int command = U_FLASH);
C:\Users\drasv\.platformio\packages\framework-arduinoespressif32\libraries\Update\src/Update.h:44:10: note:   candidate expects 2 arguments, 4 provided
Compiling .pioenvs\ttgov21new\src\rcommand.cpp.o
*** [.pioenvs\ttgov21new\src\ota.cpp.o] Error 1
 [ERROR] Took 18.10 seconds

I am not familiair enough with Platformia to solve this quickly. generally it fills like quicksand to me.
I returned to my last working copy.

(Remko) #290

Onother observation is that the PAX counter stops counting after a while:
This did also happen to the previous version.

(Verkehrsrot) #291

Current version of paxocunter needs newer platformio-espressif32 core than 1.5.0, so was tested against current commit #a7b1fe6. This is due to significant changes to Updater.cpp in arduino-espressif32, used in ota.cpp. Platformio will install this automatically for you, but need a Git on the PC. Just use platformio extensions and install e.g. Easygit.

Shortly the changes in arduino-espressif32 will arrive in platformio-espressi32, than we can go back to main release. Meanwhile you need git to download the code with platformio, sorry.

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I have no chance to reproduce this, since all my test boards are now running several weeks without reset.

Your graph shows thta the board seems not to rejoin.
Possible reasons:

  • watchdog triggers, board is resetting and watchdog triggers again before rejoin
  • downtime of LoRaWAN connection (gateway)?

To further analyze this please connect terminal to USB port and log messages on console, post them here.

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New features in paxcounter v1.7.0, out today:

  • now relies on more frequently maintained MCCI lmic stack v2.3.0 (Arduino Lmic 1.5 before)
  • full Bosch BME680 support by (Bosch BSEC integration), now shows air quality index
  • new feature send battery level on port 8 which each payload (if enabled)

(Remko) #294

It is difficult to maintain code compatible with multiple platforms and IDE.
if I have the time and the need I will look in to it.

As I do not need the recent features i’ll revert back to version 1.3.82.
That version worked fine for 8 weeks this summer.

(Verkehrsrot) #295

I forgot, there is a simple solution working with actual software but no need to install git: disabling OTA (which needs current code in arduino-espressif32).

To this follow these steps:

  1. Disable OTA in paxcounter.conf:

     // OTA settings
     //#define USE_OTA                         1       // Comment out to disable OTA update
  2. Revert to espressif32 mainstream version in platformio.ini:

     platform_espressif32 = espressif32@1.5.0
     ;platform_espressif32 = https://github.com/platformio/platform-espressif32.git#a7b1fe6

Then it should compile without problems and you have current software version,with only feature OTA missing.

(Verkehrsrot) #296

Meanwhile i reverted to platformio-espressif32 core v1.5.0, after assessing that newer versions cause significantly worse sniffing results.

See issue here.

No idea how to solve this.


tracking (even hashed) not allowed in Netherlands ?


NL - https://www.autoriteitpersoonsgegevens.nl/nl/nieuws/bedrijven-mogen-mensen-alleen-bij-hoge-uitzondering-met-wifitracking-volgen

NL - https://www.autoriteitpersoonsgegevens.nl/nl/onderwerpen/internet-telefoon-tv-en-post/internet-en-telecom#faq

(Verkehrsrot) #298

Sniffing does not necessary mean tracking.
Paxcounter software approach does only sniff and count, but not track (“volgen”).

(Remko) #299

Bad news for PAX counters using WiFi of BLE in the Netherlands (dutch article): https://www.destentor.nl/deventer/wifi-tellingen-in-binnensteden-deventer-apeldoorn-en-zutphen-stilgelegd~a55b7e64/


The article’s title mentions that ‘counting’ has been suspended in several cities. But inside the article mainly the term ‘wifi tracking’ is used, making it unclear if only tracking or also just the counting is prohibited.

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That is so true. We have to wait for clarification on questions asked. I do expect answers because som other companies are affecetd by this too.


what about the big store chains ? that are secretly using this technique …

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TTGO T-Beam V07 with BME280 and OLED-0,96" Display, running Paxcounter, casing colorscheme TTN


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Anyone here to meet on #35c3 in Leipzig/Germany this year? :slight_smile:


Hello @Verkehrsrot have a look here: TTN Communities Meeting at the 35c3 and you’re very welcome!


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