Wifi/BLE Paxcounter Project with ESP32 boards

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A Talk on wifi sniffing, market players and legal restrictions:

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Greetings -

Thank you, @Verkehrsrot, for the code.

I was able to perform a new install of Atom+platformIO on Windows, configure, and compile and load to a TTGO LoRa32 V2.1_1.6 US 915.

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Current paxcounter version in development branch has as strange bug concerning reading the BME680 sensor (if installed): After reproducable 71 minutes (~ 4297860ms) of runtime, the Bosch bsec.cpp routine does not start any longer if called, what means that no new measurements arrive.

Maybe sort of some counter wrap or side effect, but couldn’t find it yet after hours of analyzing… :frowning:

Anyone here who can help?

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Paxcounter new release v1.7.11 was published today!

Bugfixes / internal changes:

  • Bluetooth: changed default to bluetooth disabled, this achieves ~10-30% better wifi sniffing results (can be enabled during runtime by rcommand 0x0e or by changing defaults in configmanager.cpp
  • Bugfixes in Cayenne payload encoder
  • Platformio.ini restructured
  • OTA Wifi download stabilized & debugged
  • Upgrade ESP32 core to ESP-IDF v3.1.2
  • Upgrade Arduino-ESP32 core to v1.0.1 (= PlatformIO espressif32 v1.6.0)
  • Update documentation (readme.md)

New features:

  • Full BME680 environment sensor support, including indoor-air-quality (using BOSCH BSEC library)
  • ESP32 AES hardware encryption option (not used yet)
  • PSRAM support on devices with external SPI RAM now fully functional (used to store MACs)

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This issue seems not to reoccur with new 1.7.11 version.
So far so good but i have now clue why…

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New paxcounter version 1.7.11 working like a charme on different ESP32 boards :sunglasses:


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Did test with following board’s and all work’s with this new release

Board type : ttgov21, White Heltec, Heltec v2, ttgov22-v07

Let’s counter futher on WiFi an BT.



imagine a square… 100x 100 mtrs
there is a market… the organiser wants to know how many visitors and on what times of the day.

  • how many paxcounters do you need
  • can you make ‘meshed/coordinated’ paxcounters that gives a reliable output for bigger area’s

for that you need to process data from all involved paxcounters, compare them ect.is that allowed

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great! & thanks for testing.

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Meshed counters and comparing MAC addresses will be strong to legal boundaries, that’s why i did not realize this function.

But i think this not needed. Just grab all anonymous counts from every location a make a realtime heatmap of this data on server side.

So this should be a function of the backend.

The project still misses a functional backend with UI etc., who can make one?