Wifi/BLE Paxcounter Project with ESP32 boards

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I’m looking for Gateways for that price and those I find exceed $ 250. Could you indicate a link to buy a gateway of the ones you indicate and thus test the system?


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thank you!
I am very interested to apply in any of our projects. I understand that we can configure them to send the information to a server our MQTT, is it possible?

In the project we would like to modify the payload sent the list of the hashes of the Mac and the RSSi, with the aim of being able to analyze, at a tourist level and with some intelligence, distance to the node, waiting time, recurrence, … all applied to mountain routes.

Have you tried the battery life? I have the TTGO T-Beam for the tests. You can indicate the durability of them.

I await news to acquire the Gateway and be able to start the tests.

Thaks a lot.

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If you plan to send lots of data like MACs and RSSI it’s not a good idea to use a LoRaWAN network for this. And you should assure that you’re compliant to your countries law if you plan to analyze those privacy data.

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Our goal is to send data over long distances due to the lack of WIFI and 4G coverage, that’s why we want to test LoRa.
Since the number of users that are going to be detected simultaneously is not very large, we believe that the estimates would be no larger than 1 Kbyte per minute (the information may be sent every 2-3 minutes). The scan time will be adjusted to 1minute or more.

That kind of configuration is what we want to try.

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I suggest you take a look at the limitations for lorawan and Lora regarding time on air, throughput and fair use. Then look at other technologies to send 1K per minute over a large distance.

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Concept of paxcounter is to carry out all magics at edge, on the sensor, then send only the result via LoRaWAN network to a server.

If you want just to sniff Wifi MACs and blow all sniffed data on a server, you should use usual commercial systems like Cisco Meraki, Libellium, etc.; but again, be aware that those can be illegal nowadays in many countries, e.g. in EU they may not confirm to GDPR.

Rethink your approach!

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New paxcounter Release v1.7.2 is out now:

New feature: DCF77 / IF482 clock controller