Wifi/BLE Paxcounter Project with ESP32 boards

(Frasanc1) #384

Thank a lot. I’try to start from there.

(C Wempe) #386

This may be a silly question, because I am a beginner.

But how can I set the RSSI limit via downlink?

I guess I use the downlink form in the concole of my device.

I I read the README where it says:

0x01 set scan RSSI limit

1 ... 255 used for wifi and bluetooth scan radius (greater values increase scan radius, values 50...110 > make sense)

0 = RSSI limiter disabled [default]

Bat what does this mean.
What does the Payload look like?

Do I just send 0x0164 ( 0x01 ? for rssi and 64 for 100) if I want to set the rssi limit to 100 ?


P.S.: I posted this question with the wrong account earlier.

(Amedee) #387

That’s correct…

And set the FPort to the configured command port (which is by default 2 if my memory serves well)

(Verkehrsrot) #388

For RSSI = 100 you enter 01 64 (for 0x01 0x64) in console downlink field, change FPort to 2, then press send.

(C Wempe) #389

It works. :slight_smile: