Wifi/BLE Paxcounter Project with ESP32 boards

I also operate some test devices which “endless” uptimes.
It seems all major bugs in the software were catched over the last months.
So we freeze it now :wink:


Paxcounter repository v1.7.7 is now PlatformIO 4.0 ready.

Note: There were some major changes to platformio.ini.
Target board is now specified in section [board], like

halfile = generic.h

Paxcounter v1.7841 is out now.

  • Bosch BME sensor software was updated to current Bosch BSEC
  • Wifi sniffing code was made slightly more efficient
  • Some bug fixes in i2c bus locking and interrupt masking

Paxcounter v1.7.93 is out now:

  • LMiC now running in own task with raised priority
  • Relaxed lmic clock error procentage (to prevent LoRaWAN join problems)
  • Removed arduino loop task
  • Removed BME reading task
  • Improved GPS time handling (experimental, precision still bad ~1sec)
  • Update vendor_array.h with new vendor codes
  • Added TinyPICO board
  • Added ledmatrix footfall line diagram

Hi Amedee, can you point any resource on how you do it ? I´m struggling on parsing the data as it comes in multiple messages, I use TTN->Cayenne and getting the data from ttn with node-red, thanks in advance

I’m using a quite simple construct for node-red: a ttn-message node for every paxcounter device, an json node for converting the data into json and a influxdb-out for storung the data.


[{“id”:“10b97b38.df7dc5”,“type”:“ttn message”,“z”:“2c645e49.99b922”,“name”:“ttgo-1”,“app”:“734f3e5e.88104”,“dev_id”:“ttgo-1”,“field”:"",“x”:90,“y”:4540,“wires”:[[“6bb407e3.5bd1d8”]]},{“id”:“6706b764.637678”,“type”:“influxdb out”,“z”:“2c645e49.99b922”,“influxdb”:“79d6a2c4.84465c”,“name”:“paxcounter”,“measurement”:“ttgo1”,“precision”:“s”,“retentionPolicy”:"",“x”:650,“y”:4540,“wires”:[]},{“id”:“6bb407e3.5bd1d8”,“type”:“json”,“z”:“2c645e49.99b922”,“name”:“JSON für String -> Int”,“property”:“payload”,“action”:“obj”,“pretty”:true,“x”:360,“y”:4540,“wires”:[[“6706b764.637678”]]},{“id”:“734f3e5e.88104”,“type”:“ttn app”,“z”:"",“appId”:“paxcounter-shinebar”,“region”:“eu”,“accessKey”:“ttn-account-0815”},{“id”:“79d6a2c4.84465c”,“type”:“influxdb”,“z”:"",“hostname”:“”,“port”:“8086”,“protocol”:“http”,“database”:“paxcounter”,“name”:"",“usetls”:false,“tls”:“f7c4764f.769aa8”},{“id”:“f7c4764f.769aa8”,“type”:“tls-config”,“z”:"",“name”:“local-tls”,“cert”:"",“key”:"",“ca”:"",“certname”:"",“keyname”:"",“caname”:"",“verifyservercert”:false}]

Paxcounter v1.8.0 is out now:

  • LMiC stack now using hardware interrupts for SX1272/76 for improved timing accuracy (instead of polling, which was used before)
  • Reworked LMiC tx/rx functions, should improve stability
  • Voltage and BME data transmit now remote configurable
  • TTGO T-Beam V10 support added (AXP192 PMU support implemented)
  • MAC network command sniffer (experimental, not fully working yet)

Hi there I´ve added a new sensor to the sensor.h size and bytes, payload plain it show correctly the data and that provides several values about gases but I want to use the Cayenne Payload (=3). But I receive in TTN something like payload not provided, other sensors like BME680 and GPS gives the right data, any help will be appreciated !! THanks in advance

You must add your code for preparing the payload in payload.cpp line 412ff:

void PayloadConvert::addSensor(uint8_t buf[]) {

// to come
uint8_t length = buf[0];
memcpy(buffer, buf+1, length);
cursor += length; // length of buffer
#endif // HAS_SENSORS
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thanks @Verkehrsrot I will try

Paxcounter v1.8.2 is out now:

  • raised LMIC task priority to stabilize downlink command reception
  • update ESP-IDF to v3.3
  • TTGO T-Beam V10 battery monitor enhanced (now displaying battery charging/discharging current in mAh)
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