Wifi full? Can't connect to TTIG to configure it

Hey guys,

anybody experienced a problem where they are not able to connect to their TTIG anymore?
For some reason my wifi doesn’t want to connect to the device anymore, no matter how many times i reset it… can’t connect anymore :frowning:
On my phone i get an error saying that this accesspoint is temporarely full…
Should the DHCP be flushed or something?
If it doesn’t do so automatically, that would be a problem, especially since this mobile device needs to be reconfigured a looooooot of times :slight_smile:

any tips? pretty please :innocent:




It is maybee on your gateway or on your own wifi AP/router, but if you search on google.
Access points (wireless routers and the TIG have maybee a max number of clients they can support. Once that limit is reached, the device will refuse any new connections.
While your router/gateway may have hit the limit (or it might just think it has hit the limit). I suspect that if you turning it off and then on will clear the client list and allow you again to connect. If it is your TIG (gateway) maybee a factory reset will help clear the list.

Hi Jan,

this is in ‘configuration mode’ so the gateway is acting as router.
I tried the 5 second pushing of the reset button, but that didn’t help.
Do you happen to know how to do a factory reset?
I would say having the TTIG flush it’s own DHCP pool is an indispensible functionality for a gateway that is promoted as being transportable and flexible, it would need to be set to connect to a different network many times…
I am having it run in ‘router’ / configuration mode for a while now, hoping that the WiFi stack they used will automatically clean up the table based on some timer (fingers crossed)



there is a reset button AND a setup button
So first press the reset button for min. 5 sec (plugged in :wink:)
then press setup button and connect with laptop to set your wifi credentials.

Hi Borroz,

that is exaclty what i have done and is not functional anymore.
Can’t connect with laptop, can’t connect with my phone…
will try another laptop later, but i am pretty sure that’s not the problem…


but can you minimal see the access point after a full reset with your laptop ect ?

Can see, can’t connect.
I have let it sit for a few hours now, let me invest if it decided to forget it’s old lovers…

And all of the sudde i can connect again…
I was planning to install some analysing tool to get some more details on the problem.
But no need, because it works again all of the sudden. I am in a different location though…
it was unplugged for a few hours, but before experiencing those problems earlier, it was unplugged too
Connected as well my laptop as my phone to it without a problem now.
Is it a glitch? Will certainly post if it happens again…
happy to see my gateway is back :slight_smile:

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