WIFI LoRa 32(V2)


I try to use a long range lora network in my area, i have buy a Wifi lora v2 board from heltec (868) but when i try to use the “OTAA_OLED” example i get only “joining” on the screen.

Does this meen ther is a problem with the LORA chip on the board or ther is no lora gateway in range?

(new to lora and ttn)

You need to supply us with more information like your location, have you checked ttnmapper.org to see if there are gateways which might cover your location?
Did you read the messages in the ESP32 thread?

BTW, being new does not mean we do your homework :smile:

Thanks for your reply,

i’m from Ravels, it seems i’m covered if i check the ttnmapper. i can not see witch, many gateway’s in the center of the radar.

i have read and folow the information about ’ Try to get the ttn-abp.ino example working first.’, in the console i get the message that it is been send but on ttn the device is never seen.

In wat format do the 3 variabels need to be?


The required format depends on your code and library. Most examples explicitly state the required format in comments near the keys and address.

If you click on “<>” in front of a value it will be displayed in a different format (which will be listed so you know which format is being shown)

Sorry but i can not get it working, this is what i have now. But the device is never seen. (i will reset thet key’s after a working session).

According to this tutorial the keys should be MSB. Are you using MSB format?

I used this tutorial with two ESP32 LoRa Boards from Heltec.
Thank you, Tore

don’t forget to “#define CFG_eu868 1” in lmic.h if you are based in Europe.
Thank you, Tore