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On a mission to provide Bern, Switzerland with a free IOT data network

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The Things Network represented by the Open Network Infrastructure Association at dinacon 2017 in Berne

Check out our dinacon session on th 20. October 2017 in Welle 7, Berne and many more interesting stuff

Theme: Open networks and how to use them for...

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New LoPy SW for easy geogra...

We are proud to provide you the newest software for the LoPy TTN Mapper project. Feel free to build your own comfortable TTN mapper based on pycom'...

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World record Weissenstein G...

After 4 weeks of silence, we proudly present our brand new IP67 protected and ruggedized Multitech gateway, which has taken on its service on Thurs...

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Andreas Spiess cut the edge...

Congratulations to Andreas! He pushed the LoRa limit to incredible 201km.
Get the whole story here

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The Things Network - Gettin...

Hi all
We are organizing 2 tutorials to give you an easy entry to the world of LoRaWAN. Don't miss it, if you haven't found time to play with "The ...

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New ttnmapper to use withou...

The first prototype of a tracker for, based on LoPy from Pycom, which allows to check the TTN network coverage in YOUR REGION without...

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New record!

Weissenstein spotted from Port Chevroux, Lac de Neuchâtel – 60km air distance !

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Connect over 49km!

Crazy! iBricks reported a connect all across the middle land over 49km to our gateway on Weissenstein
read on twitter

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Hello Switzerland!

What a wonderful place to mount a things network gateway! If you get a message from the gateway EUI 0000024B0800010E you've got a connect to the to...

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The Things Network Bern bec...

Congratulations for becoming an official community of The Things Network!

Many thanks go out all the members of the community who contributed to th...

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Coverage in Bern will grow...

After a successful launch of the network in region Biel - Burgdorf - Bern we decided to proceed with phase 2.
4 additional professional gateways ...

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Official GoLive of Biel-Bie...

Beyond the president election in the US, there is another exciting event today.
The BFH officially launches their gateway-infrastracture to the p...

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Gateways arrived!

The gateways of the BFH are arrived! We immediately start to put them into operation at the planned locations in Biel/Bienne, Burgdorf, Zollikofen ...

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8 ruggedized outdoor gatew...

The BFH ordered 8 MultiConnect IP67 Base Stations to cover Biel, Burgdorf and Zollikofen by the end of October. The seamless integration of the g...

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Pioneer spirit expanding in...

Yes, we had our kick-off meeting in Bern! A hand full motivated contributers met around the table at the creative and extraordinary spot Effinger....

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There is a new published community nearby (Neuchatel)

1 week, 2 days ago

The Things Network Bern organizes a Meetup on 3 March

1 week, 6 days ago

There is a new meetup from community nearby (Basel)

4 weeks, 1 day ago

Christian Vögtli is now part of Bern community

1 month ago

The Things Network Bern got its 50th member

4 months ago



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15 Jun
New software for the Pycoms LoPy available on to easy map TTN GW signal strength on
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14 Apr
Hello Switzerland! - Gateway Weissenstein is back!
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24 Mar
Gateway Weissenstein is actually offline due a unknown problem. We will let you know, as soon we get it back to life.
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3 Mar
First Getting Started Tutorial @ BFH Biel! Sign in for the next Tutorial on March 7 right here;…
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3 Mar
LPWAN, LoRaWAN, The Things Network and BFH on national radio SRF Digital

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