Beaver agent runs now since 9th of April

Martin Locher

The Things Network User

Posted on 20-04-2017

The combination Arduino Pro mini / RFM95w as well as the concentrators are running now since 9th of April (The pictures shows nicely the temperature trend) and we don't see any change of the LiFePo4 voltage.

It looks like an agent has a lifetime of years in the field measuring constantly data and transferring the data to the cloud!

Also the very cool feature of downstreaming data to the agents/nodes is also working and gives us the ability to remotely controll the agents in the field selectively.

A first batch of RFM95w modules from China arrived today and we are looking forward for some soldering hours. For the collector and the beaver agent we found some neat housings in a nearby homedepot.
Ingelheim is as well preparing to get on stage too.

Thus the ball is definitely rolling !