3D Printing

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Thanks for the tip. I will try it.

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No problem.

I use these cheaper ones from china. (https://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/5PCS-3D-Printer-Parts-BIQU-Scrub-Label-Printing-200MM-200M-Gloss-Laminated-Super-Thick-Paper-Industry/2191056_32703235477.html?spm=2114.12010612.0.0.6f3c181fr7lMQG) They’re OK but sometimes need replacing more often than I did buildtak.

However the only issue is with both is if your hotend decides to dive into the bed you need to replace the sheet.


When I had a glass building platform I tried all kind of tapes but finally ended up using hairspray on the glass which was extremely easy to use. Not all kind of sprays work however. Now I have a heated carbon covered platform which needs neither tape nor spray.




Got my 3d printer up and running… Was easy to asemble the net A6.
Now setup for printing a lot of enclosures.

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Don’t forget usual precautions, and ensure your firmware has thermal protection.
You don’t want to get this



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If you looking for an encloser for putting your sensors outdoor?

I found this : https://github.com/apollo-ng/DIY-Stevenson-Screen

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good colour :wink:

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There’s a 20% discount on that Anet A6 at reprapworld currently, bringing it down to 165€

I can not recommend that printer as I never seen it, but that’s a damn low price.


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Today I designed this bracket to hold a node and a battery inside a enclosure using Sketchup.
Printing this weekend…

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Just a heads up, The ANET Printers sometimes have the thermal runaway protection disabled in firmware. I replaced the firmware and some controller parts when I got mine 2 years ago.

Some good tips given by Toms 3D at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VK_K6fp4BIk&t=515s

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Yes I posted a link a couple of posts ago…

Already 3 went on fire this year :roll_eyes:

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You really should give up on Sketchup…
It is a very nice tool, but not for 3D printing.

There are quite some issues, the main one is that it easily generates non-manifold models.

For functional parts I highly recommend Fusion 360 (Free for hobby/non-commercial use).

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Oops sorry missed that!

From what I’ve seen a couple have been due to the firmware issue from what I can tell and this one was possibly electrical.


Been running the Anet A6 now for two weeks. Been running great. Some improvements I made sofar;
-dual mosfet for bed and extruder
-installed RPI with octopi for print management and camera (night vision for printing in the dark)
-Firmware update to latest Marlin firmware (with thermal runaway protection)
-PSU power down through octopi through 433mhz outlet switch / domoticz setup
-MQ2 smoke detector on RPI with automatic shutdown and notice
-printed some improvements (fan duct / filament guide / backplate for RPI mount / filament roll holder)
I use Fusion 360 for modeling / Ultimaker Cura for slicing and Octopi for printing.

Been busy… Printed projects sofas;
-TTN Uno case
-Witty esp8266 cases
-Arduino Mega RFLINK case
-TTGO v1 case
-multiple RPI 1-2-3-zero cases (domoticz / volumio / octopi)
-Wemos enclosures

Bought my Anet A6 on Gearbest EU warehouse (so no VAT) for 160eu. Looked for the link but its not on stock now. Mind if you order from China with customs and VAT costs.


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And the result after installation: