Anyone tried Laird RM1XX modules?


Did someone maybe made a NOTEPAD ++ language file for LAIRD smartBasic, which includes the LoRa commands for the RM186 and would like to share this ?
I am struggling to get it right. :sunglasses:

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You temporarily get them from


tnx, but that's not complete with LORA commands , its the one from the LAIRD site.
But I fixed it today myself

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What functions are missing?



but I have it working now, only some fine tuning :wink:

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All those functions are in the linked file, I'm assuming notepad++ is case sensitive (I don't use it)? From the file I attached are functions such as: GPIOUNASSIGNEVENT, LORAMACSLEEPMODE, LORAMACRESET, LORAMACJOIN (notice they're all in upper case). All the LoRaMAC functions on the RM1xx series are included in that zip however.


sorry then i've missed that, will have another look :sunglasses:

  • you were right


I have a smartBasic question :

val = 3


what is wr$ here ?

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strsetchr should append (because position '2' is past the end index) the val to the existing wr$

so wr$ becomes "\40\09\03"

Does this answer your question?


yes it does now ! .. its part of an example program from the dev kit, where the rm186 controls the spi connected mcp23S08 and which I try to understand.

thank you :sunglasses:

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I'm trying to use the LTC2941 Coulomb counter / Battery gauge on the development kit. I've seen the Laird example and can see the counter value increasing however I'm not sure what it's actually measuring in real terms.

The manual refers to the LTC2941 datasheet but I'm struggling to apply that information to the development kit (ie sense resistor on kit seems to be 1Ω)

Any tips would be most welcome. Maybe @BWhitten or someone who has used ICs like this before?

EDIT: I think I figured it out, going by the formula in the datasheet

and replacing Rsense with 1Ω I think each "count" measured on the kit reflects 4.25 μAh

If someone can confirm this I'd be very grateful.


Haven't played with that gauge part on the dev kit.
I am allready happy that I can turn a led on and off through SPI :sunglasses:

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New firmware available in the Software Downloads section of the Laird website

RM186 v18.4.1.0

Can't download the Release notes (my user account doesn't have permission apparently), but some new options from the include file:

LORAMAC_OPT_MAX_RETRIES 25 //RW - Sets the maximum amount of times a packet can be transmitted without recevieing and acknowledgement

// Private options not publicly documented
LORAMAC_OPT_DUTY_CYCLE_ENABLE 100 //RW - Enable/Disable the duty cycle checks
LORAMAC_OPT_RX2_DEFAULT_DATARATE 101 //RW - Sets the RX2 window default datarate. This is only to get around a bug in the Semtech website.


Thanks to the fast technical suppport from Claudio Camilucci and Rick Tretow, the website is fixed.
The release notes for the new firmware >


waiting 3 weeks @ Farnell for a few RM186 ... :rage:

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Huh? They have 35 pieces in stock....


yes I know.. but they said they have to wait for an export license from LAIRD ..


I had the same problem on Sparkfun (export license) with their new ESP32 thing, but now got 3 on my desk :wink:

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And I had the same with RN2483's ordered at Mouser (US)....
What I don't get is why they advertise them on the website as same day delivery; while in real it takes 3 weeks :frowning:


well problem solved !!!!

but still don't understand this 'export license thing.. they have them in stock according to their site, but if you order you'll have to wait weeks.
so who's to blame.. why do you need for every chip an export license ?