Bandung, Indonesia

Currently, I’m working on LoRa as my thesis project in TU Delft, the Netherlands. It seems like nobody has started deploying TTN LoRa gateway in Indonesia, especially in Bandung. Feel free to discuss with me or anyone else.

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I’m Andri from Jakarta, Indoneisa.

Same here, it looks like no one in Indonesia have started deploying TTN gateway.

I have some concern though. Do you know what is the permitted LoRa frequency in Indonesia? I have started working with 433Mhz but not sure that it is legal. Do you have any information about that?

For Asia, you can see here:

I’ve found a company in Bandung, Dycode ( which is currently developing LoRa network and its applications. Perhaps you can contact them for more info, especially regarding the regulation.

Indonesia uses the 923 - 925 range and therefore the AS923 band of the LoRaWAN Regional Parameters. We can discuss the channel plan on Github:

Found this thread.
Indonesia’s Ministry of Communication and Informatics has a minister regulation draft to regulate LoRa frequency at 919 - 923 MHz. It’s still a draft though, but apparently very soon to be approved. I happen to be one of industrial representatives appointed by the ministry staff, so I know a bit of what I’m talking about.

Will update if there’re more updates.

Hi @xflash thanks for recommending DyCode. I happen to be the founder. It’s not exactly DyCode though, but its subsidiary, DycodeX, that’s playing around with LoRa, and IoT in general.

Anyone in Indonesia that want to discuss anything related to LoRa, please feel free to contact us or me personally.

We made few stuffs that are related to LoRa and available at Makestro Shop here


Hi @andriyudatama
We happen to have the same first name. As I explained above, most likely Indonesia will use 919 - 923 MHz, not final though.

Let’s discuss and collaborate.

The last time I heard freq will not be decided until 2018.

True. Won’t be soon enough. But 919-923 is the best “promise” we heard so far. And it quite makes sense as well, as Malaysia and few other countries in the region using the same allocation.

hi @xflash, I’m interested to develop one gateway in Bandung, but at very low cost, is it possible?

I’ve done some research on Lora gateway (End User Product) price, all of them cost over $400.


sure it is, you can start from single channel first :grinning:

hi guys,
how far does the government regulations of lora?.. is it already approved?.. if yes, on which frequency?.. fyi, i am now making small nodes in manado, sulawesi utara. it still under development on 433mhz, but will soon move to 900mhz band :smile: :smile: