Can't register Gateway - EUI is still in use


I’m in the process of setting up a TTN Gateway. The hardware is installed (IMST Light Gateway) and it seems that software works right.

Only the registration process of the gateway fails. On the internet gateway registration page I got the message:

Could not register gateway a gateway with id eui-b827ebfffeb836ac already exists

I’m a little bit confused. In my opinion the EUI is built of the mac address and I have a new gateway. Possibly the manufacture IMST has used this gateway for TTN test before.

Is it possible to release the blocked EUI or what can I do to register my gateway?

Currently, I’m using the default packet forwarder and not the TTN one. I have tried the TTN one but the current binary from the git repository terminates with console message “Illegal instruction”

It’s listed as:

eui-b827ebfffeb836ac": {
    "timestamp": "2017-08-14T16:47:47.185954504Z",
    "location": {
        "latitude": 51.579945,
        "longitude": 8.597153,
        "altitude": 234,
        "source": "REGISTRY"
    "gps": {
        "latitude": 51.579945,
        "longitude": 8.597153,
        "altitude": 234,
        "source": "REGISTRY"
    "time": "1502729267185954504"

Does that location ring a bell?

There’s only one reference to the EUI right now. The timestamp, in UTC, indicates that the gateway was seen seconds ago. If the coordinates indicate this is the very gateway you’re using, then I’d assume there’s currently only one gateway actively using that EUI.

According to the documentation you’re out of luck, but maybe someone from the core team will jump in to help:

This means someone else already registered this Gateway ID or EUI. If you registered to use TTN Packet Forwarder, simply think of a new ID. If you registered to use the UDP Packet Forwarder, check the manual of your gateway to see if you can configure it with a different (random) EUI.

That is my gateway and the location is also correct.
Thus my registration process was successfull, but the
gateway is not associated to my ttn accout.

The NOC Api to list all gateways is new for me, therefore I
had no information about the registration of the gateway.

Is there a way to associate this gateway to my account?

One point I have missed

The gateway is listed in the gateway list with the right geo location, but it is not printed in the TTN map.

The database did not record you as a collaborator to that gateway. I’ve fixed that now.
Normally you should be able to see the gateway show up in your console now.

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Great support.

Now the gateway is working and I can manage it

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I also have the same problem with EUI
the gateway is on but I can’t register it

I have a similar problem. I’ve registered a gateway eui-0000024b08030010 and by mistake delete it.
Whem I try to register again I get a pop-up “eui already exists”.

I can see my eui in the gateway list but I do not know how to get it out there…

Can anyone of the Core Team help me with that ?

Thanks !

Urgent, I cannot register the Gateway.

On the Registration page I get a message that says the EUI is still in use.

I had deleted my original account, and created a new account more in line with my work and thought I would be able to re-register the Gateway.

Can someone at TTN help me fix this problem.

The EUI in question is, 00:04:a3:0b:00:22:81:3c

I need this deleted so I can make the re-registration under my new account work.

Thank you so much for the help.

hi romeovs

i have the same problem here.
I had a lot of issues with my account, so i deleted my accound.
When i register my gateway now, there is the problem with the following information:
“a gateway with id eui-b827ebfffe870380 already exists”.

can you help me plz.

greetings from switzerland

can you re register your gateway with another ID ?

Can i change the id eui of my ic880a gateway?

I thought the eui is necessary to register…

@kersing @arjanvanb

you know a solution without editing a database ?

Sorry, no.

Thank you for your help borroz.
I can’t keep going on my work, just because of my problem with the gateway eui id and new account… :frowning_face: and now it’s weekend and i would have a lot of time for it, but without gateway i can’t keep working on my project.
Is there someone who can delete my gateway out of the old account?

Thank you so much for your help borroz :muscle:t3:

I think you can change your MAC address

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Though quite commonly used indeed, there is no longer an officially supported way to convert an 48 bits MAC-address into an official EUI64. Also, the new MAC-address could already be in use, or belong to a future gateway, especially when based on the same hardware and when only making minor changes to the unique factory MAC-address.

While the chances for collisions within TTN might be very low, it might also be easier to use an officially supported random EUI64 instead, and change the gateway’s code (or configuration?) to use that value.

So the lesson we can learn is : before you delete your TTN account and start a new one , first delete all devices and gateways, because afterwards it’s, without TTN editing in a database, impossible to use these again ??

I don’t think that helps:

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