Can't register Gateway - EUI is still in use

I’m having a look at your though I’ve altered the code to make gps /dev/serial0 as that’s point to the gpio uart on the Pi. (on any recent release since the Pi3)
Though it should be configurable option, so usb gps’s can be used easily.

No idea if it’ll work for me as running through it a bit blind

That is for a full gateway card, won’t work for a single channel setup.

There is no need to change source to use a different device, just adjust the configuration file (local_conf.json). USB gps is of no use as the pps pulse needs to be connected to the lorawan concentrator.

Keep in mind the ‘new’ serial is less capable so you’d better swap the serial now used by Bluetooth for gps use.

It perfectly capable (ttyS0) GPS at 1Hz (ublox 6 and m8030 are fine with it) though even if you switch it’ll still be at /dev/serial0. GPS isn’t demanding, it’s just sending data one way down a wire (you don’t even need the uplink)
My single channel doesn’t having the changes in the local. I’ll try merge your with my single channel, i’m only testing or I might move over to python3 code. I can hook up PPS if needed, but it’s for location as it might move between locations (not that exact location matters).

‘My’ software does not do single channel gateways. Code depends on a full SX1301/8 with two SX1257 chips so it will not work.

GPS requires all characters to be received, I’ve had issues with the less capable serial and as the full port is not used for anything in my setups I switch them.

PPS is only useful for a full gateway with SX1301/8. Don’t bother with GPS for timing on a single channel gateway.

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That’s fine, it’s not the hardware side I need, it’s the rest of it. But I think I’ve found some more suitable implementations for my needs.
Never had a problem with any GPS on miniUART since they settled on a method a few months after the Pi3 was released, it didn’t work before then on the Pi3. But if you don’t use BT may as well switch it off anyway. (still /dev/serial0 will point to it, unless it’s some other OS release of course)

I don’t need PPS, GPS time is fine for my needs, but it’s the coords it would be used for, (‘time’ would be to set its internal clock on a Pi, but only because it can.)
It’s a shame TTN don’t fully supports testing single channel setups and guide people more, it’s quite a barrier to have to go searching and hopefully stumble over something on a good google search.

What I am trying to say is that the rest depends on the hardware layer. So don’t bother with it as it won’t work.

Glad you found something else.

If you search the forum you will find the official TTN view on single channel gateways. Those setups are tolerated, not actively encouraged (with good reason).

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I recently borrowed a gateway from a company for my graduation project. But the gateway is already registered in TTN and i can not register this gateway to my application with the same EUI. Is there a way to change the EUI of the gateway or to register it to my application with the same EUI ?

Gateway is Multitech conduit and its EUI is 00-80-00-00-00-00-B6-FF.

  1. There is no need to register the gateway to an application. You can not register a gateway to an application. You register a gateway to a gateway, however that is not required for the gateway to work.
    All the gateway has to do is to forward data to TTN and the data from your nodes will show up in their applications.
  2. You can install the MP packet forwarder (check the documentation section of the site) and register the gateway with a new name (not an EUI).
  3. Yes the EUI used to transmit messages to TTN can be changed if you are able to access the gateway at ssh level and have sufficient Linux knowledge to change some things. (Hint the EUI is read by a startup script and stored in a file called local_conf.json)

I have a Dragino gateway, registered an account but lost access to that email. Now when I tried registering it for another email address, I get a message “the supplied token is already used” - which is I guess right and proper, but -
Is it possible to have the registration linked to the first email deleted so I could re-register?

I mistakenly deleted a gateway and whe I trait to register it again I receive this message:a gateway with id a840411b6b644150 already exists
Could you helpme, please?

I mistakenly deleted a gateway and whe I trait to register it again I receive this message:a gateway with id a840411b6b644150 already exists
Could you helpme, please?
Best Regards

best send a direct PM to TTN , I’m sure they have to check your credentials first.

Can somebody reset a eui for me also?
i have deleted it and can nott reinstall
my eui 00E04CFFFE534458

thank you

see my last post above yours … ops don’t read all the time these threads