Connecting Dragino LG01 Gateway

Hi !
I am currently working on creating a LoRa network using the Dragino developpement Kit, so I have been following this tutorial ( ) to try to connect the LG01 Gateway and an Arduino lora Shield node to the TTN.
So far the Gateway show a “connected” status but it doesnt show any traffic, and the node window show a message saying " never seen" and without any traffic too, does anybody have any insight on what I have been doing wrong?
And thanks in advance !

So it won’t work at all with TTN ?? isn’t there any configuration or something I can do ?


I just had the same problem: You need to create the directory /root/data
(it’s not mentioned in the installation steps)

It should immediately work! (It did for me…)

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Could you be helping me do the same with my LoRa kit. Poies I’m following the tutorial and I’m not able to make it appear “connected” in the TTN.

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Does your Internet connection work for the gateway (can you ping from OpenWRT)? Did you get a success message when uploading the Arduino sketch? Did you set the correct EUI at the TTN Console Gateway section?

My LG01 runs very stable, I use it for testing at home. The only bad thing is that it is superslow (takes a min. of 10 seconds to receive/forward a packet).

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If your gateway doesn’t appear connected you have to check the following :

  • your gateway is connected to internet.
  • Your gateway’s mac address in the file is correct.
  • the python files are in the OPENWRT.
  • the ip adress and port in the gateway’s Arduino sketch are correct.

I was able to connect it to the TTN, and I sent some packages (5 to be exact), but now it is not receiving any packages. And the gateway status in ttn is connected. I already checked the code and moved everything, but no results. Has it happened to you too?

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No. It’s running really stable. Still slow, but completely stable at least for a few weeks now…

In my this is appearing connected to the TTN, but this one is not available nor sending no package in the programmed frequency. As NWKSKEY, APPSKEY and DEVADDR are placed according to the TTN, did you have this same problem in the beginning? Do you know how to solve it?

The only problem I had was that the directory /root/data was missing. Edwin from Dragino, the vendor, has updated this on the latest version of his online manual. (
Beside this I had no problems. Sorry… You could check if files get created in /root/data as this is used for temporary storage before sending to the Network Servers.
Are you able to check the console output via Arduino IDE? I remember that it shows some logging output there as packets are received? This could help you find the area of your problem.
Also Edwin was very helpful in my problem with the /root/data directory. Maybe he can also help you? (I’ll send his email address in a PM)

Can you please let me know how and where have you created directory /root/data ? I am trying to connect my Dragino LG01 to the Things Network but it doesn’t seem to connect.I have followed Edwin’s guide and did not see anything about the directory /root/data. Please Help.

Thanks in advance.


I could log in using ssh with User root/dragino with no problem. There was also no problem on reaching the device via IP. Check your DHCP server if you are in doubt what IP the device might have.

Create the directory with
mkdir /root/data

It immediately started forwarding packets.

I see that Edwin has removed this hint from his Wiki. I believe there are newer SW versions now that don’t require this directory to be created manually? (Still: if you have troubles and don’t see the directory, let’s give it a try and create it)

Let us know if it works!


how do you create the directory /root/data ? where ?

OH IC Just telnet to it

Enable to use LoRaWAN server; no button on the dragino gateway settings page does that what are we talking about? [] can’t ping to it


It might be an IP problem? DHCP enabled? Default Gateway set? DNS?


I have no Openwrt that I can access, the directory has openwrt_release but it refuses to run

I can’t ping to it [ LoRaWAN server] from my computer either

Hi I don’t find any
I am not a Linux expert but i tried: find / -name -print

My LG01 doesn’t connect also.