Connecting Dragino LG01 Gateway

(Paulo Sérgio) #22

Hi Shulti,

We need to start some service to start the gateway?
I have internet connection from gateway.

Some idea??
Many thanks !!

(Paulo Sérgio) #23

Hi all….It is already connected :slight_smile:

The process was not running.

What I checked before:

All configuration was ok.

So I follow this link :

1 - I check that program is not running see “Ensure the packet forwarder is running”

2 - Then I tried to find what i must to do to run the process.

I found this file: /etc/iot/scripts/lg01_pkt_fwd
And run like this:

After 2, 3 minutes it was connected to TTN.

I hope that this help someone.

Now that is connected, another step…I will try to see some packets traffic :slight_smile:

(Kramer92) #24

In the latest firmware update LG01P has mqtt support, has anyone used their native mqtt offline yet?

(Ernstjan) #25


Helps me to active my gateway! Thnx!

(Kramer92) #26

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