Connecting Dragino LG01 Gateway

Hie everyone,
It since a week, that Im fighting to get traffic from my gateway lg01-p, to TTN.
It is connected to Internet, and to TTN, but no traffic from the node.
I followed this tutorial:
I’ve created the directory /root/data, and I’ve executed the lg01_pkt_fwd. everything works fine.
I followed all the steps, and I’ve tried also, the one of the dragino manual, nothing works.
Trying with the lmic, library or rf95, it doesn;t work, and I don’t know what to do.

Assuming you are trying to activate a device and that is not working then it may be the activation method. I believe that the default OTAA option requires at least a 2 channel gateway (your unit being a single channel gateway). Try using the ABP activation method.

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I followed steps in this tutorial ( ) and try to connect the LG01 Gateway to TTN. But in TTN console it showing not connected status. What I need to check please let me know.

Hello, I created a gateway in TTN but it still does not connect, I did the steps in the tutorial but it has not given connection.
I am in Colombia, I use the frequency 915MHZ and the server; I’m missing so there is connection.

The Dragino LG01 is not a LoRaWAN gateway.

See: Single Channel Packet Forwarder - Not gateway [guidelines]