Connecting TTIG to The Things Stack (TTN V3)

Can someone sum up what the current state eo May 2021 is? Is it possible to update a TTIG to V3 now or will it be automatically done in the future as I heard as rumor?

Is this the current state as Nick postet some weeks ago: Connecting TTIG to The Things Stack (TTN V3) - #48 by descartes ?? sends out newsletters with adds for V3 and straight time table to switch off V2 but is there a update possibility for former mass sold TTIGs?

What’s next?

  • May 28 - The Things Conference - The Things Stack Edition
  • July 1 - The Things Network V2 becomes read-only
  • December 31 - End of Life The Things Network V2

For my taste it is critical to shout out loud “the end is near” without a solution for month before soled own / TTN hardware!

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It is not YET supported on v3.

It does work on v3 but it is being tested and there are no special privileges on this testing so please don’t ask - I’m not testing my TTIGs but I totally believe the people I know who say it is working.

So please do not fret, it is in hand but now is not the time.

Questions about if TTIG is already supported for V3 are understandable.
However, getting the same question over and over again, spread over multiple topics becomes tiresome.

:information_source: TTIG is currently not supported for V3.

It will be but a date for when TTIG gets V3 support has not yet been announced.
Please stop asking. We don’t know a date yet.

As soon as a date is known this will be clearly announced on the forum.

Until then we all have to be patient.

(The title of this topic has been updated to make clear TTIG is not yet supported for V3.)


No exact date yet but it appears that support could be available within the next 3 to 6 weeks.

See the following topic: Migration of TTIGs to The Things Stack CE (v3)

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Temporary post mini-conference pin to the top to save people from posting TTIG questions multiple times a day

Super :slight_smile: Us with a The Things Indoor Gateway are waiting with excitement. Thank you for your efforts. :slight_smile: Sincerely Anders

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Hi, I just noticed we’re just 8 days away from being unable to add end devices (“Registrations of new gateways and end devices in The Things Network V2 clusters will be disabled on Wednesday, 30th June 2021”).

So I guess the question is, will there be a way to get this sorted and migrate TTIG-based installations to v3 before Wednesday next week?

Thanks in advance. All the best,


TTIG device claiming was added as part of the capabilities for the TTS(CE) update/upgrade yesterday - now we are just awating on instructions on how to use it :wink: Will be trying myself in coming days… :sweat_smile:


I have small indoor Things Network Gateway, about 5 months back i was told that it could not be registered with V3 Console, i wanted to know if V3 now supports registering (small indoor) The Things Network Gateway. (Please find the link to item I’m referring here)

TTIG claiming was enabled by the last TTS(CE) update on monday - we are just awaiting formal release of instructions on how to best use the capability… a few more days patience needed whilst core & beta testers confirm all good :wink:


To move my Indoor Things Network Gateway to V3 do i need to remove from V2 Console?

You won’t need to…do not delete at any point…

Im aware we have to wait for a solution to connect TTNIG to version 3 of TTN. My problem is that I have 10 Indoor Gateways installed and none of them are forwarding traffic from my nodes in Version 3. I can see incoming traffic in the gateway (in V2) but I CANT see any incoming messages from my applications in V3.

Im using United States frequency plan since Im in Mexico (I have tried ttn-router-eu and ttn-router-us-west as the router address of the gateway with no luck) . It was very urgent for me to have my nodes working so I bought some LPS-8 Gateways and they are running OK in version 3 but I would like to keep using my TTNIG as soon as possible since I need some more and don`t want to spend that “extra” money if i can use my old TTNIG gateways.


There appear to be a number of things going on here, assuming TTNIG is actually The Things Indoor Gateway:

  • v2 traffic is forwarded to v3 and has done since we started using it - so there is likely a configuration issue on your devices. Where these devices migrated? What join method do they use - ABP or OTAA?

  • When you say you tried the different router addresses, the TTIG doesn’t give you that option as far as I recall, so can you clarify what you are doing when you tried the different addresses.

But the good news is we are literally days away from migrating TTIG’s to v3 - it is actually available now if you know the magic incantations on the command line tool - and the functionality for doing it on the console is very very close.

Hi Nick,

Do you care to share these ‘magic incantations’ or tell us where we can find them? :innocent:



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I could, but then I’d have to send a crack team of Ninja Assassins afterwards.

You could try the documentation:

Whilst I’m sure this issue is burning a hole in your soul, you could just hang on a few more days whilst bigger brains than ours figure out the details, cross the i’s and dot the t’s and generally make it safe for public consumption.

Of course, none of this may help you as you didn’t answer either of my questions and we may well just be circling back to the v3 console not seeing traffic or where you were putting the router address!

“I could, but then I’d have to send a crack team of Ninja Assassins afterwards.”

:slight_smile: Understood

“Of course, none of this may help you as you didn’t answer either of my questions…”
Case of mistaken identity… wasn’t me :slight_smile:



Ah, yes, sorry, speed over the ground.

Web console being tested by TTI staff before live deployment. More news at 11.


“More news at 11”

“… At 11…” This information is utterly useless :laughing:

11:00, 23:00, UTC, CDT, EDT? :slight_smile:




He does not mean literally 11. It’s a US thing. The best description I could find for the saying “News at 11” from reddit:

It’s a trope referencing a time when there was only a morning news, an evening news, and late night news, and nothing else. Special stories that broke during the day and too hot to wait for morning would air at 11.