Copenhagen, Denmark

Great news: multiple people are going to set up TTN in Copenhagen. Here they can meet.


Great - and thx Tom for setting this up.

People of Copenhagen, let’s meet. Starting now :smile:



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Who’s here and what is your take on TTNs in Denmark?

I’ve worked a lot with smart city strategies for cities and have my own consulting company focused on the subject.

And I actually recently moved to the outskirts of Aarhus… :slight_smile:

While waiting for the map of gateways, who is setting up where?
I’ll be putting one in Hvidovre, hopefully at the City Hall.

Kim, don’t forget to stop by the Aarhus group: Aarhus, Denmark

Might be a good idea to join forces at some point…

Hi, I’m interested in set up TTN in Cph, I’ll be putting one in Frederiksberg

I’ll join this conversation :slight_smile:

Ping - based in Copenhagen waiting for my gateway and looking forward to work with TTN

Pong! I’ve currently got Multitech GW up and running + at handfull units.

Hi Nicholas,

I just ordered the pre-ordered GW from TTN, and are looking into building a GW based on Raspberry.

What kind of projects are you working on?


This is actually quite interesting. I checked the map of the copenhagen TTN and my house is at the limit of the range of the gateway you want to install. Would be fun to test the range then.

I’d love to set up a gateway in Copenhagen, more specifically in Sydhavn, but I have to save some money for the gateway first, so it might take some time…

Could anyone tell me what’s recommended? A DIY solution, with either iC880a board + RPi or a Link Labs RPi hat? How do they compare spec’s wise to the The Things Gateway?
I’d like to have a gateway with as many as possible concurrent connections as possible, I’m not sure if there are any restrictions on the two mentioned DIY solutions with regard to number of connections!?

Just got my LoRaWAN board from NAS and try to get on a gateway - living in Østerbro; any good tips?

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Dunno if I should chime in here. Having a Kerlink gateway up and running in Tåstrup. Not really Copenhagen but might be useful for somebody anyway.

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So far i’ve had good results from RPi+ ic880a.
The guide on how to set it up from the labs on TTN is pretty good. (edit, here’s the link:
I also have some connector boards (simple backplane from the guide) you can get if you want to go that way. I’m also based in copenhagen.

I am experimenting with badgerboard and mDot nodes. Is anyone up for a hackathon ?

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I find the long range and low power of the Lora fascinating, and I have put up a TTN Gateway up at my apartment in central Copenhagen. I have connected a very cheap magnet antenna outside (from Conrad), close to the roof at 5. Floor.
I’m playing around with some The Things Uno, and a node.
I work at software company at DTU (Lyngby), and I hope to be able to set up a gateway up out there, too.

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I am all in !