Copenhagen, Denmark

(Geab) #21

Have you registered via the thingsnetwork map?
I have one gateway on Østerbro though the reach is not impressive

(Bingo600) #22

I might set up a gw in Copenhagen/Husum (ic880A + Rpi3).
But as i’m in an apartment (ground floor), I think i’ll just use an indoor antenna.

Waiting for the UPS package from IMST , but forgot to get any client nodes :frowning:
So i have absolutely no way of testing.

I’ll be ordering some stuff @*bay or Ali’ , but it’ll take “China Post” time before it arrives (sigh) …


(Hr Mansen) #23

I registered though the website at the gateway, when i finally found a bad connector was the reason of a rebooting problem.
The test i have made with the Node, hasn’t been very great so far, but i hope to have better results with the Uno and an antenna. I hope to be able to do some Wardriving, either with the TTNMapper app, or a GPS shield on the Uno.
I usually have the Node in my key chain, so you might be able to catch me on you gateway going to work and back, when i go though Østerbro :slight_smile:

(Bingo600) #24

Just brought the “Copenhagen / Broenshoej” Gateway online.

Followed this one

And this one from IMST (Reset is on BCM pin 5 (phys pin 29), on their lite-gateway)

Next up (maybe easter) will be a DIY iC880A/Raspi3 gateway in Sweden @Summerhouse
That one will get an outside antenna


Bad timing w. a new gw online , but RFM95’s in “China mail” , so 4…6 weeks waitingtime :frowning:

How do i switch to kersing forwarder , Using ttn-zh build