Darmstadt, Germany


Hello, I am looking for people from Darmstadt, Germany who might want to start a Darmstadt community.
So please get in touch with me.

(plim) #2

Hi Stekos, I recently set up my first gateway here in Darmstadt - Bessungen. Still interested in building up a community in Darmstadt? Cheers, plim


Sure. I will get in touch with you per PM.

(Chriswj) #4

Hello Stekos and plim, have you already started a community in Darmstadt?


you can find all the communities here

I don’t see ‘Darmstadt’ yet

(iib) #6

hey, I would also be interested in a community in Darmstadt !
anything new in this topic ? I only see one gateway in Darmstadt yet, which is connected to the Frankfurt community.

(Begri65) #9

Hi, I am operator of the TTN gateway in Griesheim near Darmstadt. Any news about the Darmstadt community? I’ve met guys from the Kreis Bergstraße community at the Make Fair in February, but no one from Darmstadt community.



It seems that the 3 members and the initiator are no longer active here, So there’s no TTN_Darmstadt ?



(Rish) #11

Spoke to a few members from the area. Will be revived shortly.