Deleted RAK gateway on V2 cannot reinstalll on new V3 TTN

Hi anyone
oh …I am new to this

i deleted my working RAK 7258 gateway on the old v2 TTN server
Is there a way to get someone to please reset the new V3 to allow me to install the gateway??
any ideas welcome…sort of


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I doubt anyone else wants the “not really that new” v3 to be reset :wink:

You just register your RAK on the console and then use the settings you are provided (or even download the global_conf.json) to update the gateway so it is connected to the v3 servers.

The software on the full gateways is the same, so the migration docs for the RAK7240 will the same:

Hi Nick

I do not really mean reset the server… but i mean reset or clear my account

When i try to register my RAK 7258 the new V3 server gives me a warning like
“Gateway already registered” with v2
But i had already incorrectly deleted the gateway from v2

i have 5 gateways for possible future deployement here in in AUstralia none of them have been powered up so they will be ok … i am just having trouble with the 6 gateway

appreciate your help


You need the exact error message. If it mentions the ID you just need to use a different ID when registering the gateway, the ID is nothing special so just use your imagination. Keep in mind it can not be changed or reused after deletion.
If the error is about the EUI you need to check you have the correct EUI and in that case check your registered gateways in V3. The EUI can be reused after deleting a previous gateway in V3 (not in V2).

As Jac says, “like”?

v2 and v3 are not connected in a way that a gateway registration on v2 can affect v3 or vice versa.

And the potential quick win of reseting or clearing an account isn’t viable - otherwise as well as paying for all the TTN/TTS goodness, TTI would have to pay someone to deal with all the data entry issues.


This is the exact error message error below (i blocked out the EUI with xxx)

"A gateway with EUI xxxxxxxxxxx is already registered as gateway-prueba-2

I guess i have made a costly mistake
I should have NOT deleted the GATEWAY from v2
I guess i will have to purchase another gateway …then i will get an fresh unregistered / different EUI which should register ok on on TTN v3 :(:frowning:


This thread would have be cut in half if you’d put that on your first post.

Is that gateway ID gateway-prueba-2 familiar to you?

Yes, but that’s in hindsight

Not necessarily, maybe we can find out if the EUI was mistyped or somehow setup incorrectly by the other user. So if you can tell us if gateway-prueba-2 is likely to be a gateway you have or someone in your organisation has setup, that would be the first step.

Hi Nick

.We use a RAK 7258 gateway …we do not use a gateway called “prueba-2”

That’s not a brand, it’s the gateway ID entered by someone who set up a gateway with the same EUI as your RAK7258.

The EUI is publicly available in the logs of anyone who’s device is heard by your gateway, so please can you tell us what it is so someone from TTI can look to see who has registered it and see what can be done.

Our gateway is on test and is in packet forward mode to our private server
I am attempting understand and to answer your questions but i am new to the LORAWAN world


Not sure how this relates to you registering it on TTS CE.

If you ever want it on TTS CE, you’ll have to give the EUI to someone at some point so that a staff member can take out time to look it up on the database to see who’s got that registration. By sharing it here now, someone can sanity check the setup before it gets escalated.

As I said, the EUI becomes available to someone outside your organisation the first time their device uplinks via your gateway, so it’s not something that can be kept secret.

If there is a specific question you are struggling to understand, please highlight it so I can try to clarify. However, under the heading of a volunteer trying to help you, I’m not sure there is anything about LoRaWAN that you need to know to tell us the EUI.


do you want my gateway EUI?


Sure here is the EUI ac1f09fffe015ee6
and thanks for your volunteer work… i understand


@htdvisser, can you see who has registered a gateway with EUI AC1F09FFFE015EE6 as gateway-prueba-2 and email &/or tag them here please.

That gateway was registered by @wdallas. They apparently never logged in to the forum, but you can try contacting them on the community platform:

To make it easier to find collaborators of gateways, I’ve submitted a change for The Things Stack v3.14 (release planned for this week, deployment planned for next week) that will allow you to find the collaborator(s) of any registered gateway using the CLI:

$ ttn-lw-cli gateways collaborators list [gateway-id]

(until the deployment this command only works for your own gateways)



So do I ……notify Dallas that he should remove the gateway that he has incorrectly registered using the same EUI as my gateway Eui ?

Thanks for your guidance I am new to all of this :blush:


There is the link that Hyke gave you that will allow you to send a message via TTN.

If there’s no response within a couple of days, you could come back here and ask someone at TTI to email him/her directly.

As I’d wonder how someone would end up with an official RAK EUI that they entered in to the console but not own the kit, I’d expect the gateway to be inactive and therefore possibly eligible for deletion, subject to some controls / proof. This isn’t the first time in the last few weeks we’ve had this on the forum.

Alternatively, you could ask on the RAK forum if there is a way to change the EUI on the gateway.

Yea I have asked wdallas to remove gateway etc

I am also in contact with RAK support who are waiting to see what the final outcome will be

Thanks for you interest etc


I have emailed W Dallas and so far I have no response regarding removing his gateway that is using my EUI

would you kindly email him directly and request that he removes his gateway which is causing the EUI conflict

Appreciate any help in this matter


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I think that being able to configure an EUI in gateways is a better solution for gateways which do not support a claiming mechanism. If we release the EUI claim after inactivity of the gateway, we will start seeing false positives on registration (the actual owner had an internet outage, lost their EUI and has to climb in their tower to configure a new EUI) and false negatives (someone else squatted the EUI and keeps the gateway active to keep the claim).

Today we have four classes of gateways:

  1. Gateways with a fixed EUI that have a proof of ownership mechanism and claiming (like TTIG)
  2. Gateways have an EUI but that allow changing the EUI. No proof of ownership
  3. Gateways with a fixed EUI. No proof of ownership
  4. Gateways without an EUI

The problem is really caused by (3) and (4). We should get rid of these. To get rid of (3), we should require gateway vendors to either support claiming (and become (1)) or allow changing the EUI (and become (2)). To support (2) and (4), we can start issuing gateway EUIs from a MAC block owned by The Things Network, just like we do with DevEUIs.

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