ESP8266 Gateway Intermittant Data Sent Arriving at TTN

Data is showing up in my TTN Console Application Data on TTN for a while and then stop for no reason. Rebooting gateways, nodes and restarting TTN console don’t help. I can set it up later in the day and there is nothing in Application Data console for a while, then all of a sudden, data every 22 seconds. I don’t understand.


I am very new to TTN. I understand the issues with SCG’s. There are no Gateways nearby and I am evaluating whether I want to use TTN for my IOT devices. If so, I will purchase a LoraWan compliant gateway.

I have an ESP8266 and Adafruit RFM95 915Mhz breakout SCG using firmware from here:

My Node is an Arduino Uno and Dragino shield using firmware from here:

I am using a US Frequency Plan. My gateway is set up for a 902.3Mhz and my Node is restricted to that channel.

The node firmware is send a “Hello World” message every 22 seconds:

Sending uplink packet…
EV_TXCOMPLETE (includes waiting for RX windows)

The gateway is receiving those messages:

rxPkt:: t=13:43:19, f=0, sf=7, a=2602189E, flags=50, addr=0, len=16
rxPkt:: t=13:43:41, f=0, sf=7, a=2602189E, flags=50, addr=0, len=16
rxPkt:: t=13:44:03, f=0, sf=7, a=2602189E, flags=50, addr=0, len=16
rxPkt:: t=13:44:25, f=0, sf=7, a=2602189E, flags=50, addr=0, len=16

did that happend today ? there was a server update

When you restart your gateway and nodes do you reset your frame counter? That would at least explain why you don’t see data in the Application Data window considering it wouldn’t show up until it reaches 600+ sent messages at this point (or nearly 4 hours at 22 seconds message intervals).

Yesterday or the day before.

Thanks, I didn’t know about frame counters. I have some learning to do. I clicked “reset frame counters” in Device Overview and the data started flowing into my Application Data. I also noticed for the first time that there is always incoming packet information showing in Gateway Traffic, but no data, probably because it is encrypted.

lot’s of info available here :sunglasses: