Frankfurt and Rhine-Main Metropolitan Region

The Frankfurt Rhine-Main Metropolitan Region, often simply referred to as Frankfurt Rhine-Main, Frankfurt Rhine-Main area or Rhine-Main area (German: Frankfurt/Rhein-Main. abbreviated FRM) is the third largest metropolitan region in Germany [Source: Wikipedia]

We want get the networking crown.So we are looking for people who are interested in technology, innovation, ioT or just playing aroundwith sensors or things like that.

Lets built together something new, something big.


Great initiative. I’m currently operating two gateways, one in Kelkheim (just 15km n/w of FFM), and one in Darmstadt.

Hi, I’m operating the Level 2 Gateway in Frankfurt Schwanheim. Is there some conversation on the slack channel? And how to get an invitation?

Since a few days I am operating Gateway in Griesheim. Would also like to join slack.
At the moment I am facing issues with the mapping… my data is not showing up on the ttnmapper map.

You can join Frankfurt Channel on Slack:

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@cmolitor I see your gateway and Tracker on the TTN Mapper

Selbes Problem hier.

Slack invite request link here:

Habe die Woche nochmal etwas gemappt. Daten kann ich jetzt auch in ttnmapper sehen.
Da ich mein Gateway noch drinnen am Fenster habe ist die Reichweite sehr beschränkt. Mal schauen, welche Verbesserungen ich da noch umsetzen kann. Bin jetzt auch im Slack Kanal.

Viele Grüße, Christoph

Save the date: It’s only three weeks till our next IoT Frankfurt Meetup, featuring Dominik Obermaier, who is going to talk about MQTT v5.

Friday, 13th April 2018, 5-11pm

While pizza and beer can be a full-time job when pondering about protocols, I’d like to invite everyone interested in LoRaWAN (and TTN) to join us – it would be great to get together in real life.

Question related to Darmstadt:
Does anybody know how the Entega LoRaWAN is working ?
and if you can connect sensors and if so how to the network?

How is this related to The Things Network? Entega seems to have their own network so any information on how to use it should be available from them.

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Yes it seems like that. But I was not sure.
Still Thanks.

I’m trying to resurrect the local community. Anyone from Frankfurt / Mainz / Wiesbaden / Darmstadt who wants to meet and discuss?

My good deed for the holidays was to increase the range of my TTN Gateway near Frankfurt.

I already installed a gateway in the lovely Taunus, Wehrheim/Pfaffenwiesbach and going to try to operate the new gw from TTN, which was forwarded to the participants of TTN con in Amsterdam. This one would be operated in Friedberg. So it comes to the rural Wetterau.

I would like to get in touch with others from the Frankfurt community.



The IoT Frankfurt Meetup is running a TTN-themend event on

Wednesday, 21st August 2019, 6-9pm

We’re currently curating the content for the evening. Anyone from the local communities interested in presenting, please drop me a note!

German only!
Hi, I could present something to TheThingsNetworkKBS. We are active in the MRN (Metropolregion Rhine - Neckar). Our goal is a nationwide TTN infrastructure on the Bergstraße from Heidelberg to Darmstadt, parallel to A5 and A67.

Please use English on the forum. If you want to use German add the same text in English as well.

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