Gateway operator in Australia V2->V3

Hi, I’m a humble gateway operator in Marrickville in Sydney. A couple of questions re migration to V3:

  1. I’m attempting to migrate my application using a windows PC. I can’t get ttnctl to regonise my (AU specific) configuration file. The doc’s below are very confusing re using windows. I’m stuck!

Migrating from The Things Network Stack V2 | The Things Stack for LoRaWAN

  1. Numerous other devices use my (Community) Gateway. I have no idea who the Users/Applications are (nor should I). Is there a mechanism to alert those Users as to when I intend to migrate my Gateway to V3? I don’t want to break their applications. Maybe an V2->V3 info box on the location map of intended migration timing?

It’s great that you are concerned for the impact on other users :slight_smile: If there is a TTN Community near by (Note I haven’t looked!) if you are not a member please join, then use the Console messaging facility to let the users know or alert the initiator as it may be easier for them to send a general message. Remember also if there are other communities close by your gw may also be providing some additional coverage at long range and likely on high SF’s… so may be good to let the initiators of those know too. Also given you are likely running through probably good to let @Maj know also (as this message has just done!) in case he hears of user problems after the fact or know of nodes that may be affected and can help give the users a heads up. Also he & local team may be able to guide you better on the transition and any Meshed associated aspects.

Please give notice where you can & don’t rush to migrate gw due to user impact, unless you know there are others that can take the slack for V2 deployments…think months vs days or even weeks.

@Maj recently posted of their experience with the V2-V3 transition

Hi @Jeff-UK ,
Thank you for your considered response. Much appreciated.

Hi @PleaseRain,

Since you’re in Australia, I’d recommend you to wait with your migration (or maybe only migrate a couple of devices for testing). We’ll (hopefully soon) deploy a community cluster in Australia.

@PleaseRain You might try GitHub - TheThingsNetwork/lorawan-stack-migrate: Migrate devices from other LoRaWAN Network Servers to The Things (Enterprise) Stack to generate the device json and import that in the (gui) console. That worked fine. Please note you should use windows syntax for the environment variables. (set X=abc , no double quotes)