Gateway with EUI is already registered

I got myself what i believe to be a brand new Dragino LPS8-N Gateway, registration of which is rejected as per below message (EUI included).
What to do? Send it back ? Rant on their support ?

  "message_format": "a gateway with EUI `{gateway_eui}` is already registered (by you or someone else) as `{gateway_id}`",
  "attributes": {
    "administrative_contact": "maono",
    "gateway_eui": "A84041FFFF1EC39F",
    "gateway_id": "lmg-1"

There is a user @maono registered to the community about a year ago - possibly based in Japan…perhaps reach out to him/her and see if it was miss registered and ask for deletion so you can register under a new GW-ID… assuming you have got the EUI read and typed correctly…you have, right? and doube and treble checked? Wondering as the same EUI was used for a GW previously - a LIG16? per info here

Though in that instance by another user @NamBui so perhaps between the three of you one has the EUI mis-used or entered incorrectly?

The EUID was copy & pasted from the web interface the device offers.
As there is a couple such cases related to Dragino devices in this forum now, I tend to think the likelihood for Dragino not managing their IDs right is greater than for us three to mis copy & paste or type the same way.
Starting to wonder if a manualk change of that ID was going to persist.

IME, whilst there have been a few instances of EUI accidental re-use by some manufacturers, overlap is typically 100x more common due to misread or mistype. It might not be you but one of the others that slipped up… If you can change the eui for the device (ask Dragino?) perhaps change that (make sure you use a legit one that then doesnt create a problem for another user :wink: . Note the last instance was, I believe, an old V2 registration - I will try to find time (vacation!) to dig and find if since migrated and re-registered under V3…otherwise perhaps the other users will contribute comments and confirm status of ‘their’ gw’s. Unfortunatey the V2 → v3 transition fractured the idea of a central NOC so harder to track everything down now.