Generic Node SE - Connectors

Generic Node SE Connectors

Below are details for the connectors on the Generic Node SE v1.1.

connector / jumper on PCB male/female # pins spacing type
BOOT0 male 2 1.25 mm pins for jumper
qwiic I2C connector male 4 1 mm JST-SH
GPIO pin headers female 7 2.54 mm low-profile (height 3.7 mm)
‘Dupont style’
Battery connector male 2 2 mm JST-PH
Battery connector on
separate battery PCB
male 2 1.25 mm Molex PicoBlade / ‘JST GH’

Battery PCB is connected to Generic Node PCB via PicoBlade female to JST-PH female cable.

GNSE v1.1 board

          Generic Node SE v1.1 PCB