Have gateway and three nodes to sell (Zurich/Switzerland)

Hey all,

I switched from TTN to BLE a while ago (because I don’t need the range), so now the gateway (TTN-001-868-1.0) and 3 nodes (TTN-002-868-1.0) just gather dust.

Is anyone interested in buying them from me?

All four are with original packaging, and they’ve been used for a few years (the gateway indoors, the nodes outdoors). As far as I can tell, they work fine.

Pickup in Adliswil, ZH (or, can mail them via Post).

And happy to sell to the highest bidder – please send me an email: wlst-ttn at zruze (.) cz.

Please bear in mind [when bidding] that this is a private sale, so there’s no warranty/return/exchange – it’s an older hardware, and although I have been using it successfully for a good long while, that’s no guarantee it will last.

Lastly, moderators: I haven’t found any “guidelines” that twould make posting such ad illegal. If I’m overstepping the rules, I apologize, I had no idea.

Und? Schon verkauft? oder immer noch im Angbot?

Immer noch im Angebot.

Vielleicht interessiert sich in der Schweiz niemand für TTN-Hardware. :slight_smile:

Let me remind you that this forum is English language only.

Maybe there just is less interest in older used (first generation) hardware.

People interested can send @wejn a private message.

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To prevent further ‘is it still available?’ type of responses I will now close this topic.

Tip: more practical is to place (private) sales like above on ‘(2nd hand) for sale’ type of sites
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