[IMST IC880A + RPi] Gateway "hangs" every few weeks

@gonzalocasas whops, the old watchdog service was not removed after installing the updated version. Logfile went crazy :wink:
@ernestopace @Dagmar_forum @kgbvax if you update, do:

systemctl disable ttn-gateway-watchdog.service

And @gonzalocasas, Could you please not change the hostname of the pi (when using the remote-config)? Or maybe ask if it is ok to change to ttn-gateway? I’d like mine to keep ttngw01 … If you want me to submit a patch I’ll be more than happy to do so!

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I was sure I was removing it: https://github.com/ttn-zh/ic880a-gateway/blob/spi-watchdog/install.sh#L149
But I’ll add the disabling also.

About the hostname, perhaps one option would be to change only if the default hostname of the raspberry pi is still there, that way we can keep a mostly unattended install option. Does that sound good?

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Sounds good @gonzalocasas!

Anyone running the updated fix has seen confirmation in the logs that it works? (A message like this should appear, followed by a restart of the service: ERROR: [main] unintended SX1301 reset detected, terminating packet forwarder).

I have not checked the logs of the gateways yet, but we had one that was failing almost daily, and judging by the uptime we see from node data, it seems like it’s working. I don’t want to celebrate too early thou, so, I’ll wait for definitive confirmation before merging this branch.


@gonzalocasas I can definitly confirm this messages in my log file. Looks likes it works, at least for my setup (No shielding long cables :wink:)


Still no hangs since I installed the update a week ago. So, no confirmation yet that it works, but I am not complaining :smile:

Just build my second IC880A RPI Gateway:

Still no hangs on my first one. I guess the metal enclosure, disabling wifi and bluetooth does wonders.

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nice case.
where did you get it?
how could it be fixed at the wall or somewhere else?

Cable ties, towl.



Great news!

IMST is preparing an backplane to connect RPi to the iC880a (still NOT official!). I will be testing one of these boards soon and will post the results.


Indeed great news!
I will be visiting them tomorrow, picking up my iC880a. Maybe they will need another tester :wink:

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In the meantime you can use this one, works great

And I’ve updated the packet forwarder to manage LED

Dedicated post

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I sent support a message offering to test it - and received a very terse response. I don’t know why companies do this - an official Pi backplane would mean they would sell much more!

They want to keep it low profile until they 1) know that it actually solves the problems 2) decide they even want to offer it as a product.

Ok, one more backplane to the mix! :slight_smile:

My board doesn’t have any of the funky features of @Charles’ one. It’s as simple as it gets:

It’s shared on oshpark and the Fritzing file is on github.

It works with the installer script without changes.

And this is how it looks when plugged to the boards:



You finally succeeded PCB with Fritzing ?

well, it’s more like I failed with Eagle and then tried Fritzing :wink:

nice work, but does this also mean you didn’t receive the official board yet?

I email IMST about their official board and case and it seems they are only selling them with new IC880a orders, not a good way to treat recent customers. I wanted to show their kit at my local makerspace but they seemed disinterested.