LoRaWan gateway, Anatel certified

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I’m living in Brasil and like other countries, wireless electronic products need to be certified to be able to used them commercially. In Brasil this organ is called Anatel, I have been searching the internet for a gateway that is certified by Anatel, but without succes. Does someone know a gateway that is allowed to be used in Brasil?


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why not contact one of the community’s there ? I’m sure they know (and use)


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Hello, I’m also from Brazil, I have read that some lora modules are already certified by Anatel. You can try to arrange a single channel packet forwarder with these modules.

Please contact me, I’m from Recife.


he is looking for an Anatel certified Gateway:sunglasses:

Hi, I entered in contact with the @ttnbrasil on Facebook, I will let it know if I know more.

The single channel packet forwarder is nice, but in this case I need gateway that is certified

You (we) need to figure out if the SX1301 concentrator module is certified by Anatel.

If so, it could be possible to build a lorawan gateway based on a concetrator with SX1301.

ex: iC980-A concentrator module


In addition to the gateway being approved in Anatel has to be attentive to the SCM authorization.

For base radio station, it is not necessary to license the stations, but their operation must be supported by a telecommunications service authorization, even if the license is dispensed.

It seems that Kerlink gateways is going to be the first one certified by Anatel, here in Brazil!

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Is there any news about gateways or lorawan transceivers approved by the anatel? On the website of the anatel I only find the homologation certificate of RFM95 / 96/97/98.

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Sorry BoRRoZ. It was automatic.

There are 2 manufacturers in Brazil that have their gateways and concentrators approved by Anatel.

One is Evernet and the other is the radioenge.

The concoction of the radioenge is 100% national manufacture and the price very inviting compared to having to import and besides being homologated.


Hello, We have a just certified LoRaWAN gateway, from the Swedish TANNAK International.

We will be happy to discuss any implementation, and work together in any possible integration.

Call us. Helder (61)


your welcome in

Hello, how can i get in contact with you?

Hello, Helder, how can i get in contact with you?

you can reach at Lever Tech - Tecnologia Sustentável !


I am on linkedin Helder Gaudencio - Lever tech …

Hello Helder,

Is Levertech already selling LoRa gateways for makers? (pessoa fisica).