Meetjestad and Single Channel Gateway

I have an “official” meet-je-stad node, that has worked on full gateways in another city.

On my single channel gateway at home i see the node traffic on the gateway itself and on the TTN console. The TTN console shows a node ID (“dev_eui”) that corresponds to my meet-je-stad node number, and i’m seeing a “app_eui”: “70B3D57ED00003BA” which seems to correspond to meet-je-stad.

My node does not show up on the meet-je-stad dashboard beyond the initial messages on the full gateway.

Aside from the obvious limitations, is there any reason this won’t work ? Are messages from single channel gateways not passed on to subscribing applications ?

Cheers, Ivo

is this node programmed with the frequency (and spreading factor) where your Single Channel is listening ?

Yes, I set the frequency and spreading factor to the values that work. I can see the packets coming in the SCG and on the TTN dashboard. I just can’t see anything on meetjestad.

good point… I don’t know :roll_eyes: theoretically it should imho
are you sure your node is added to that application , do you have contact with the administrator of that application ?

Are you seeing that in the gateway’s Traffic page in TTN Console? What colors are the icons? Does your single-channel test gateway support downlinks?

Seeing AppEUI and DevEUI (rather than only DevAddr for a regular uplink, or rather than AppEUI, DevEUI and DevAddr for an accepted Join Request in the application’s Data page) sounds to me you’re seeing an OTAA Join Request in the gateway’s Traffic page; orange icon. Your single-channel test gateway might not support downlinks, and if so: does not support OTAA. When the Join Request has only been received by the single-channel test gateway, and if that does not support downlinks, then TTN cannot transmit the Join Accept. Are you seeing a green OTAA Join Accept as well?

They are passed just fine. But a node needs to join first (or use ABP to join while programming).

With TTN, right? (The AppEUI suggests so.)


Thank you for your answers. I feel a bit stupid now, these are indeed join requests. If I wasn’t staring at frequencies, bandwidth, spreading factors, DevEUI’s and AppEUI’s so much i should have noticed it says “Join Request”. This is not going to work.

I assumed that because the node had already joined successfully all subsequent traffic would be normal traffic. Apparently this is not the case.

Thank you for you patience, I’m going to take the node on a short trip to the next town.

Cheers, Ivo

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If the node did not reset, then indeed the secrets it got from an earlier join should still be good, regardless the gateway(s). So, your trip to another gateway is only going to help as long as you don’t reset the device afterwards.

Why not change to a single-channel test gateway that supports downlinks? Like Which one are you using now?

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