Moving ABP device to v3, was debugging TTIG

Does it need to be unregistered from TTNv2 ?
Here’s my status after I removed and re-declared my TTIG868 on TTNv3:

  • TTIG is declared on TTNv2
  • TTIG shows “connected” on TTNv2
  • sensor data are received on TTNv2
  • TTIG is declared on TTNv3
  • TTIG shows “not connected” on TTNv3
  • sensor data are not received on TTNv3
  • sensor data are received on TTNv3 when I use a rPi+IC880A based GW

It’s relaying uplinks, let it be until the process has run it’s course.

Search the forum for details of TTIG migration but DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES delete it from v2 - you will never be able to go back, ever.

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Sensor data should be forwarded to the V3 applications, it will not be displayed in the gateway traffic for V3 because the gateway is active in V2. Once the switch to V3 for all TTIGs is available you will be able to change that.

I have a testing setup that allows me to stop everything on demand.

I have a testing sensor which is visible and shows data on V2 through the TTIG.
Its setup on V3 is correct because its data are also visible (on V3) only if I switch on my other gateway.
But data are not received when this second gateway is powered off

Sorry but I don’t understand your setup.

Do you have an application and device on V3? Is that only receiving data when your other gateway connected to V3 is running?

Yes, that’s what I tried to describe concisely.

In that case the forwarding from V2 to V3 seems to be failing. Which cluster are you using?

Thanks for looking into this!
The working gateway forwards to if that’s the question.

No one is “looking in to this” - we aren’t staff - we ask questions to try to find a solution - it’s up to you to push the buttons.

So, as per all the forum entries (search is your friend), we know that the TTIG won’t appear on v3. But it will appear on v2 where you can see traffic. It will also forward uplinks to v3.

Does the device use ABP or OTAA?

Sorry for the language. I meant “thanks to help find a reason and provide help”.

Does the device use ABP or OTAA?

My testing device is currently using ABP.

No worries, I was just clarifying just in case you thought Jac had gone away to look at stuff for you.

If the device still has the old settings from v2, you will need to change the AppsKey so that it doesn’t match. See: How to Migrate ABP Devices from V2 to V3

Does it have a V3 or V2 DevAddr?

Does it have a V3 or V2 DevAddr?

It had a V2 devaddr.

I created a new device in V3, and reflashed my sensor because I can, and V3 received my data through the TTIG. So thanks for guiding me, TTIG works on v3 !

In the migration link given above, I was misguided by the following statements:

  • Add a new End Device in V3.
    • The DevAddr and NwkSKey must be exactly the same as for your v2 device registration

(I included the appskey in the “exactly”).
I luckilly don’t have many devices so I can re-flash them all if I want to switch to v3 now.

Not at all, you just didn’t read this:

Deleting the Device from V2

With the registration in v3 set up, you need to prevent the V2 Network Server from handling traffic for your device. You can do that by deleting the device from V2.

The alternative is to set the AppsKey to something different.

Either alternative for anyone coming along to read this is fine - and allows you to move devices without having to do any reflashing.

But your gateway has to be on v3 before you do this move. And TTIGs won’t be on v3 for another 10+ days.

Just to be clear, no reflashing is required of existing deployed devices on ABP to move to v3 once your gateway is on v3, before anyone starts panicking, unless they are called Pike, then that’s OK.

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