Problems with Multitech Conduit GW and TTN

(Santos) #1

Good Morning

I’m starting in Lora and I want to use your services. I bought a Gateway Multitech Conduit AEP and I have two tank filling sensors. I have updated the firmware to version 1.7.3.

To configure the gateway, I followed this guide:

After finishing the configuration of the guide, I have created an application in my console to send the received data to a private backend. I have tested the application with the “Test” option and it works correctly.

However, I can not get the data that I receive from my sensors to reach the application.

Here I show a video where the problem is best seen

In the first half I check the operation of the application. In the second half when changing batteries, I force the sensor to send information. I check in the console that has sent information to the gateway, but then however, the application created does not work.

I have been reading in the forum but I can not find information to help me with the problem.

What can be happening? Thank you


your video is pretty useless to debug (and unreadable)

  • what sensors do you use (manufacturer/model/link)
  • did you added them to your application (are the keys correct)
  • how do they join the network ) pls show that

show some console data (not video)

(Santos) #3


Thanks for the help and the quick response

The sensors that I use are some container filling sensors manufactured by the company TST

The Key config of my gateway is:

I tried in Network server mode

and packet forwarder mode

This is the log after configuring the Gateway.

My Gateway in TTN

My aplication in TTN:


  • are they LoRaWAN ??

your gateway seems to work on TTN (check in console if some data is received from other nodes - not yours)
but your added devices(sensors) don’t seem to work, So let’s have a closer look how you registered them with TTN and your application.
And what keys you’ve used.


(Santos) #5

Hi BoRRoZ. Yes, they are LoraWan

In fact, it works correctly with another LoRa platform (Loriot) but I would like to try The Things Network

A sensor configuration:



did you use the TTN generated keys when registering the sensors ?

(Santos) #7


Video for how to I add devices:



maybe you can show a screenshot of your (application) console when one of these sensors try to join the network OTAA, you should see a dev addr that starts with ’ 26

I’m under the impression that your nodes didn’t join the network

  • please no unreadable video’s

(Santos) #9

Hi BoRRoZ, thanks for de help

My application console always show blank


I have downgraded the firmware version to 1.4.17. With the most recent version (1.7.3) when I try to install the TTN software shows:


Pictures from my gateway console:
2 3

Where is the problem? Gateway or application? I can not find the solution



I don’t know howto set up your type gateway to work with TTN
however there is info available here

Its clear from the screenshots that your node can’t join the network.
hope @kersing is reading this regarding your setup of GW.

did you check the GW output ? is it connected to TTN ?

(Santos) #11

Yes, I read that guide in the first place and followed it.

How can I check that? Thank you


check your gateway last seen status in the TTN console
leave that browser window open for a few minutes

(Santos) #13

Yes, TTN shows my gateway connected


(Jac Kersing) #14

If the TTN console for the gateway shows join requests (or other packets) your gateway is working as expected. However if the join requests is not shown in the application data tab the keys/euis for the application do not match the data transmitted by the node.
Have you compared the information shown in the gateway console with the application data for your node? (The information in the screenshots you posted earlier does not match the information in the later screenshots)

(Santos) #15

Hi Jac Kersing, thanks for the response

From the first post until now I made some changes while researching why it did not work.

What screenshots do not match? To show current.

Thank you

(Jac Kersing) #16

Just make sure your node data matches the application information. That should make join requests appear in the application data tab.

(Santos) #17

Thanks. Finally, I have achieved that the devices connect with the application.

The problem was when adding the devices. I have to enter the “AppKEY” that I have configured in my Gateway but it was set to be generated automatically.


Now I need to get the uplinks. That capture is the activation messages

(Jac Kersing) #18

Check in the gateway part of the console for activation downlink packets and check if your node receives the downlink packets.