Raspberry Pi 3 + IC880a


I build my LoRawan gateway and want to check if my ic880a receives packets from the nodes? I did not receive anything in my ttn-account and do not know the problem. Is there a command, that I can check if my ic880a receives packeges?

Thanks in advance


Use journalctl to check the log file of the packet forwarder.
sudo journalctl -l SYSTEMDUNIT=ttn-gateway.service


I see no log file there. There ist just this output

–Logs begin at Tue 2017-01-17 16:39:27 CET, end at Tue2017-01-17 16:47:24 CET –

Where can I check the packet forwarder? I did exactly the instruction of this link

My Gateway is online but I do not receive any message. When I use this command I get the following

Furthermore my Gateway receives no messages but is active and connected.
Any idea?



I assume you’ve a node sending something
try: sudo tail -f /var/log/syslog | grep “uUP” then you should see up-going packages

Jan 17 17:25:13 ttn-gateway ttn-gateway[13633]: INFO: [#DEA24C89] uUP CRC:OK Freq:868.10MHz ch:0 RFch:1 LORA[SF7 125Khz 4/5] RSSI:-78dB SNR:+9.0dB Size:26b Data:‘QIlMot6AtooBrLELcvp3IPKeeHVkPEmmY1w=’

Run ‘sudo tail /var/log/syslog’ and watch for a line with " CRC_OK: 0.00%, CRC_FAIL: 0.00%, NO_CRC: 0.00%" if the gateway is receiving data at least one of the numbers will be <> 0.00%.
If you have a node sending packets and all numbers stay at zero you need to debug, start by checking the antenna connection.

all three states are 0.00%. That means my IC880a receives nothing, isn’t it?
Now I will double check my node. So I will drive to another Gateway and look if I get data in my application. I have checked the antenna there should be no mistake.
If my Node works properly what could be another mistake?

Thanks in advance


If all three are 0.00% for a longer period I expect some hardware issue in the gateway. Every gateway I know of receives error packets which are listed as packets with CRC errors.
Could you post a picture of the gateway with the iMST board showing clearly?


sorry I checked everything today again and I receive packets. These packets are 100% CRC_FAIL.
But even when my node is powered off I get the CRC_FAIL 100% and the information that my concentrator received 1 or 2 packets.
There is a screenshot:

What means the CRC_Fail? How can I slolve it?



See https://www.thethingsnetwork.org/forum/t/ic880a-rpi-2-a-lot-of-crc-fail/1694

First the good news, your gateway works as expected. The packets with CRC errors may be LoRaWAN packets from another node that can not be received correctly or just noise which resembles a packet. Nothing to worry about and nothing to be done.

Hi all together,

now my Gateway is working and receives packets from my node. I reinstalled my raspi and deleted my arduino IDE.

Don’t know exactly what the problem was, but it’s working fine.

Thanks for your help.


It happen the same to me but I cannot see the status connected on console web page.
any idea?

I am using RAK831+rpi 831 gateway. I also got 100% CRC_FAIL. Is there anyone knows how to solve that? I have already separate them far enough …

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