Recommended Gateway Alternatives to the Things Gateway - €300 - €900

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Hi, at the risk of repeating the same question, what alternatives to the Things Gateway at similar price points exist? I am not getting clarity on Things Gateway availability, which is not a reflection on the TTN guys as I know they are working hard to deliver and some factors are outside their control.
I know you can get other gateways today at around €900 but obviously, I would prefer to save on the gateway (but not at the expense of critical functionality), and anything in the €300-€900 range would be considered. Any like for like comparisons appreciated.
A key requirement for my use case is Ingress Protection Rating, IP65 and above is acceptable (m= moisture, n=dust), as it is likely to be operating in a relatively harsh environment.

DIY multi channel GW - hardware reference

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ok what did you find … you can’t compare an indoor TTN Gateway with your requirement for use, Ingress Protection Rating, IP65 and above

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I didn’t think I was. It may be marketing but TTG is shown suctioned onto a window, implying a level of IP. Admittedly, I cannot see the IP documented but the range window quoted would also imply it’s aimed at outdoor use. Getting an IP conformance may take time and therefore delay release (I’m not advocating this) but surely, the price range would include a number of ‘robust enough’ gateways?


Until someone (you ?) produces a list with all the available LoraWan gateways , with a selectable price and spec range, your options are limited to using Google or the search button here.
I’m not planning to produce such a list but I agree it would make life easy :wink:


You can build a Gateway with a Raspberry Pi and iC880A-SPI in a IP66 case.

The costs are around 250 Euros.

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Borroz, you are, based on your posts, a very smart guy. So you probably know that such a list is, intentionally, impossible to produce let alone maintain. The likes of Multitech don’t really like to publish a price of any kind.
Unless, of course, you issue a Request for Pricing against a specification and commercially attractive volume order. That’s why I admire and support what TTN is doing and has done with TTG.
I’m asking for a finger in the air price from people in the community who have bought a gateway in the last three to six months. By sharing this we bring the price down.
If the data is there I would consider collating it.

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Hi Cle, did you spec the case or just go off the shelf? What was the split on your €250 spend?

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I forgot to say ‘Nice job, BTW’


I’m aiming to put TTN gateways in inexpensive waterproof boxes I had used for previous projects.
On another thread here someone linked to:
and someone had posted in respect to the TTN gateway: “PCB outer dimensions are roughly 135 mm x 125 mm.”


Take a look at this topic: The hard RAK831 cafe part 1

Alternatively you could use an ic880 but whatever you do, in this price range you’ll need to take care of a casing with a suitable IP rating yourself. I’m reasonably sure that whatever you’ll find is off the shelf not IP rated in this price range.


This was my shopping list :slight_smile:
The iC880A-SPI concentrator is the most expensive part 155.- Euro at
Raspberry Pi 40.- Euro
Antenna + pigTail kit for use with LoRa 10.- Euro
Protoboard and Male/Female headers (connecting Raspberry and iC880A) ~5.- Euro
IP 66 case Schneider Electric Thalassa 40.- Euro
2A power supply from my mobile mobile phone

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You might look at the Laird Tech Sentrius RG1xx. I purchased one through Digikey (USD $250). I just set it up and its working fine. The case is not IP65 rated … for that you would need to put it into another case.


If you want a professional outdoor gateway that ‘just works’, you’re best of with the MatchX gateway that costs around €300. If indoor is fine too you can buy the Sentrius RG1xxx for around €240 (if stocks available) and put it in a suitable enclosure for €15.

You can shave of some euros if you build a gateway yourself. Benefits of the products mentioned above is that they are finished products, work out of the box and are fully certified, which can’t be said about DIY gateways.

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I just took a look and it is an option. I’m of two minds now, buy a gateway and put it in an IP box; or build the gateway in a box. It is not just a case of cost but environmental considerations. I’m concerned that box in a box may exacerbate condensation, associated damage and gateway lifetime. Am I unduly worried?
There is a really good story on building a Lora Gateway by @marcelstoer where he described his condensation issues and how he solved them. It’s also a really good build story. I am edging towards that approach pending answers from @johan @laurens on committed shipping dates and Ingress Protection answer.

This has been a really good thread from my perspective and I thank you for all your contributions.

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I work for Gumstix and we’ve released 2 gateway development platforms built arround the RisingHF RHF0M301. One of them uses our own Overo Computer on Module and has 10/100 Ethernet. The other uses the Raspberry Pi Compute Module or CM3 with Ethernet over USB and includes a connector for a NimbeLink Skywire LTE modem.

Both of these boards also have kits available in our store that include DC adapter, rubber duck antenna USB A-microB cable and the RHF module. The Overo Conduit kit also includes an Overo AirSTORM-Y COM. For the RPCM kits, you’ll have to get a compute module from an R Pi distributor. Go to and see what we’ve got.

P.S. There’s another interesting option for the RPCM coming soon, if power over Ethernet is of interest. Stay tuned.

P.P.S. I used Protocase to design an enclosure for my Overo Conduit board. They do good work.


My blog

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Hi Cle, I’m interested in making a gateway like yours using a raspberry pi. I was looking for the IP 66 case from Schneider Electric and couldn’t find it, do you have a link to the case or the specific name? Any tips when making the gateway? Thanks.


@SmartEaling thanks for the nudge and the praise. For the sake of completeness here’s the link to my lab story: Users left comments where we’re discussing options.
I’d definitely build a DIY gateway again because it’s fun and instructive. I learned a lot in different areas.

As for ready-made options I found the Lorix One very appealing:

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That looks very compact, no cabling inside. What type of adapter board did you use to connect the IMST880 PCB to the raspberry? Where to buy?


@PacificShore @Verkehrsrot there are different adapter boards on the market like the one @marcelstoer uses.
But you can easily build our own with a protoboard and some GPIO Header for the Raspberry Pi.

connect the right pins en your iC880A will fit nicely on the raspi.

I did follow this tutorial and I tested the wiring first with jumper wires on a breadbord.

@PacificShore the link for the enclosure