Recommended Gateway Alternatives to the Things Gateway - €300 - €900

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Where should I go and meet detailed multi channel GW description or sample (as reference or promoted) projects?

Actually I’ve gathered the RN2486 (Microchip) and RFM95PW (HopeRF) modules and several RF Lora compatible modules based on SX12xx reference.
Is there a good place or DIY guide, what components, settings or workarounds are crucial to build own DIY multi channel Gateway?
What we have to use as hardware solution and what part we able to substitute as software part on separated MCU or Micro Computer solution?

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Have a look at this example -


start with ’ search ’

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Absolutely right,

the search is crucial, but most of DIY GW what I’ve seen so far as 1-Channel solution.
The mentioned sample use ready -made part then connect it to mC as RPI.

As I understand the idea of multi channel GW support isn’t so simple for software or DIY hardware implementation, isn’t ?


absolutely… first problem is the availability of the semtech chip set, for a long time you couldn’t buy these SX1301 / sx1257 and you couldn’t publish about these chips without their lawyers getting agressive :wink:
now you can find them if you look good… but then ?

it’s not ‘arduino’ plug and play stuff, in fact I haven’t seen a DIY working single board multichannel GW , off course the RAK / RPI or ic880A / RPI are proven DIY gateways with lots of community support.

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@BoRRoZ, thanks a lot
This is what I meant and partially I’ve suspected.
The web search of “SX1301” is not effective, because to much links tells on it or shows ready to use modules - that’s the one
The “far east source” seems interesting, but not this time :slight_smile:

For me, DIY doesn’t mean an Arduino (or other MC, MCU) shield, I’m not afraid to solder…
It looks like I have to play with 1-channel GW projects and wait for good news in SX1301 topic as we all


@SmartEaling WRT Multitech Pricing - TTN NYC recently heard from from a Multitech representative - their next gateway is priced at $300. Also, I see a prior version of the gateway (both US and Euro versions) available at Symmetry for $180.


That is only the LoRa mCard for conduit, you need a conduit as well. BTW, you’re linking to the new SPI based card, not the older USB interface based card so hardly a prior version…

BTW, the new gateway is available at Symmetry as well. Keep in mind it has an internal antenna and no connector to attach an external one.

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Thanks both.

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Hi. We’ve not tested yet, but I also believe the TekTelic outdoor gateway is going to be a cost effective gateway solution for your requirements.



seems that they are not for sale at this moment

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My experience is that TekTelic have received a lot of enquiries for their solutions and are playing ‘catch-up’ on the orders.

If you contact them directly, the team can give you an update and costs.

I’ve seen some informal test results for their indoor LoRaWAN gateway and it’s performed better than the Multitech gateways. Unlike other devices, this isn’t built on a Linux platform. It’s all in the chipset, which means - other than a small configuration file - it’s plug and play. This may or may not be a good idea for your solution.

Regarding availability: In fairness, with the exception of MultiTech and Kerlink, several gateway companies we work with are struggling to fill orders. The easily configurable Laird Sentrius is on backorder with delays of up to 8 weeks here in the UK.


spam ? :rofl:

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Spam? No no. :slight_smile: I’m not associated with Tektelic, but I know that whilst they don’t have website pricing/availability for some models, that other people have been able to order from them directly via email and invoices.


ok :sunglasses:

nice products with a special TTN member discount can always be placed HERE

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IMST reduced the price of the LoRa concentrator iC880A to 119€. Does it make sense to buy a iC880A + RPi or ready-to-use gateway like MatchX, RG1xx…?
As far as I know the iC880A is well documented:

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Happy hollidays to all!
I have used WRT54GL for many years!! very reliable + flexible (with DDwrt) for Mesh wifi network etc!
we still use them+ they were working in temperatures (ambient of 40C+) (Most probably temperature was going to more than 50 in the box…)

In any case. Internesting to see the maybe a wrt54Gl can be used… However prices have gone down now and you can have a gateway for less than 150 euros…

I think its not difficult to connect a chip and have this as a gateway. … Any suggestions what to do with the WRT54GL and WAP54GL i still have (more than 10 units!)



you misinterpreted this posting.

it shows that you can put non outdoor equipment in an ip67 enclosure to protect it, has nothing todo with lorawan but gives you an idea (for example with the TTN gateway)

as you stated that its ’ not difficult to connect a chip and have this as a gateway ’ I want to ask you then… how ?
pls describe hardware and software modification of that router.

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maybe i misintrepreted! but WRTGL (runs linux) been modified to do many things. You can install OPENWRT etc and also run your own scripts that can monitor SERIAL ports.

This board has serial port and since RAK831 is also based on OPENWRT i thing its feasible (eventhough time consuming) However time is money and as you said in a previous post multichannel gateways can be bought for less than EU 150 nowdays… ITs just an idea… thats all

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So now that the TTN gateway is here. Can someone tell me which particular aspects one should look at to determine which gateway to buy? – I expect to hear why the TTN gateway is definitely the best thing under €300…
(asking as we have one sentrus and looking for sponsoring more gateways in the region and so want to buy the right thing!)