Registering Microtik Gateway says it's been already registered

I just received a LtAP LR8 LTE kit. After configuring it I did proceed to configure it as new Gateway in the TTS Community edition. When trying to set up I get the message:
" a gateway with EUI 5030354149534750 is already registered (by you or someone else) as eui-5030354149534750"

“code”: 6,
“message”: “error:pkg/identityserver:gateway_eui_taken (a gateway with EUI 5030354149534750 is already registered (by you or someone else) as eui-5030354149534750)”,
“details”: [
@type”: “”,
“namespace”: “pkg/identityserver”,
“name”: “gateway_eui_taken”,
“message_format”: “a gateway with EUI {gateway_eui} is already registered (by you or someone else) as {gateway_id}”,
“attributes”: {
“administrative_contact”: “jgerstmeier”,
“gateway_eui”: “5030354149534750”,
“gateway_id”: “eui-5030354149534750”
“correlation_id”: “783d39f2fd8f4b418d6f58df2594bac0”,
“code”: 6

I don’t get why, this EUI is the one in the device box label and I’ve never used it. May it have been tested and sent back after registering it on the platform?

Forum search for a win :slight_smile: regular issue several times per week. Clue gw id =/= gw eui. Eui can be reused gw id cannot. Gw id can be overwritten at time of registration to your convenience……


Hi Jeff, thanks for your quick reply.
I did search indeed, found some threads about people saying their EUI was already redistered like this one:

In those threads I did understand that it was necessary for someone who had already registered the EUI to delete their gateway or someone for the team did reply that they would delete cause it was not in use.
Anyway if I understood from your answer, I could choose a different EUI for my gateway.
I did set it on the gateway:


Unfortunately this way the gateway isn’t connecting:

The guide by Microtik tells to use the default Gateway Id (which is the same as the Hardware Id) as EUI:

Also I found this thread from a user of a different Microtik gateway having a problem when using a Gateway id different from the Hardware id:

The gateway is connected to the internet, lora is configured properly, so I guess the problem is the same as user ether had, but as I can not edit Hardware Id, and that Id is already in use I don’t see a workaround.


No read again!

I say again

:slight_smile: Just overwrite the gw-id offered by the system at time of registration. System helpfully suggests a GW at time of reg based on the EUI…fine 1st time around but no good for a previously registered GW that has been deleted as

Also the GW-ID = ‘eui-xxxxxxxxx’ is very cryptic a version say

GW-ID = ‘allomart-dgno-gw-no1’ much more user friendly or say

GW-ID = ‘foxes-farm-north-field’ or ‘foxes-farm-south-field’ or ‘allomarts-warehouse-gw-no1’ or whatever…

…get creative :wink:


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Dear Jeff,
I had no problem with the Gateway Id, when trying to register I did choose a different one. The problem is I can not use the EUI provided by the gateway (5030354149534750):


As you can see I can set a custom Gateway ID, but what about the EUI? If I use a free EUI it will not match the default EUI of the Gateway and it won’t connect. Sorry for my ignorance about the TTS, but I don’t get the workaround you are suggesting

Ok, where/how did you source the GW? Could someone in your organisation have previously registered?

Is @jgerstmeier a familar name?

Paging @KrishnaIyerEaswaran2 for possible assistance - is this EUI still active? is administrative contact reachable? (Perhaps they can delete to free up or can explain history?)

It is alive and online per,tenantID=ttn,id=eui-5030354149534750 so assume either a clone eui or its the one powered up by @allomart ?

@allomart I note

It can get confusing as GW manufacturers documentation often talks about GW ID in the context of GW EUI, but GW ID on the GW is not the same as GW ID on the TTN/TTS console! :wink:

Further I see you tried a GW ID further up based on a simple increment by 1 on the EUI - please do not do that as there is every chance manufacturer will use an EUI in a block/equence and you may simply have ‘stolen’ one that would be used by someone else - blocking them in the way you also now appear to be blocked… :man_shrugging:

Looking here I see the EUI GW online with GW ID ‘my1tegateway’

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I did buy it from a Microtik distributor in Spain and was delivered to me yesterday, no one has used it before (in theory).

Definitely not, sounds quite similar to a liqueur to me :rofl:

I get it, I did understand that “Gateway Id” in the gateway’s web interface corresponds to the EUI on TTN.

No problem, I did delete the gateway right after your previous reply.

You might also ask the supplier for comment! A quick swap out as replacement may be fastest route to a win! :wink: (They might recognise the name?!)

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I will ask tomorrow, but don’t think it’s about them (at least the company I bought from). They are more about LAN, routers and this kind of stuff distributors, the gateway wasn’t in stock and came from a different location. Also this name sounds more german-like to me. Anyway thanks for your kind help this late!

Finally Microtik support suggested me a different Gateway-Id, which I did use as EUI at the TTS console and now finally the gateway is connected. Thanks @Jeff-UK for your help!

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