Single Channel Packet Forwarder part 1 [Deprecated]

…Patience is the key…:wink:

But …that doesn’t explain why the Single Channel Gateway doesn’t receive packets from my working node?
Do I have to change something else?

Yes working perfect now…

Trying to put one of these together this afternoon, I have RFM98/SX1278 radios as we cannot use the 900 range in South Africa. How would I go about selecting the frequency… Please type very slowly when replying as I know only enough to be dangerous!

Hi Gary,

The SX1278 is SX1276 compatible, so the code should work as is.

Can could start by setting the frequency to 433.175 Mhz, as well in your node(s).

// Set center frequency
uint32_t freq = 433175000; // in Mhz! (433.175)

Let us know if this works!


Hi Thomas, it says unrecognized transceiver, I’m guessing its my wiring but Its too late now to look!

Yes very likely wiring is wrong (see also post from @IOT_Marco above. Currently the code is as seen here (search for “Unrecognized transceiver”)

So the version register should contain 0x22 for SX1272 or 0x12 for SX1276 and compatible (SX1276-79). I have seen datasheets from HopeRF in which they mention 0x11, but probably that is outdated (or plain wrong?)

However it might be handy to check for the version in the code, a 0 typically means broken/invalid wiring and some other value an unknown or incompatible silicon version? @Thomas?

Ok I have checked the wiring and checked it again I am fairly certain its right. I think I have installed the SW correctly.

Checked the register and it has 0x12 so should be right. Shortly I am going to try Dave Akermans high altitude ballooning gateway to see if that sees the board. Oh I wired up a second board just in case the first was borked.

All good clean fun :wink:

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From the code, it is impossible, that the packet forwarder shows the “unrecognized transceiver” message, when the register value is correctly read as 0x12 from the rf module. Checking the register means, verifying, that 0x12 is indeed read back from the connected hardware.
You will find the line
//printf(“Version: 0x%x\n”,version);
in main.cpp, line 268, just below the printf, where the “unrecognized transceiver” message is put out.
Just remove the two “//” in front of this line, recompile and run the forwarder again.
If it prints “Version: 0x00”, this usually means, that the register cannot be read at all due to problems in wiring or pin configuration. If this is the case, we can further check your pin/wiring configuration.

It works! Only changed the frequency. Oh and to a model 2 board wired directly. I had a hunch my prototyping shield and I were not getting along. Now to find a simple node for an Anarduino Miniwireless board and rfm98

Thanks very much for the patience here.

Ok next noob question, how can I get an independent Gateway ID?? I assume if things are working right my gateway should appear here and on the map here

In fact you already have a unique gateway ID based on your MAC address (B827EBFFFFC49A4C).
Currently you gateway status is not updated correctly: Gateway Status. Here you should see a list of the received packages with timestamps.
Maybe the hardcoded IP address in the souce code is not updated. Currently the correct ip address is:


If you have the correct IP adress, sometimes croft is just not updating the status. (Seems to be the case right now, because although my packet forwarder is running, the status is also not updated).

Thanks for the reply Fabi, the Name and Address are correct. I will leave it running and see if it pops up.

Once again thanks for your time.

My single channel gateway popped up on the map!

Great, another continent “covered” :wink:

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I have plans for at least another two experimental single channel gateways between here and Durban along the N3 highway so a tiny bit of the map filled in.

Great setup. Made a mini <20$ gateway PI zero. Chip is upside down;)


A thing of beauty Ewoud well done. Answers a question I was going to make, does the software run on a Zero!

Cool!! I a real single channel pocket gateway :wink:

Nice! Will you be using an USB ethernet adapter via OTG?

very nice and small board.
where did you get it?
if self made: could you put the schema and board on github? thanks
it should also be compatible with the RFM95 for my needs.