The LIBRARY basement part 10


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This looks, on 1st glance read through, like a reasonably comprehensive RPi based Weather Station with T, H, BP & UV monitoring (latter using external ADC with available capacity for monitoring other Analogue channels/data sources?), with additional (link embedded) project for Anemometer for wind speed/direction (instructables) based on Jupyter Notebook, local datalogging & presentation via ThingSpeak (using MQTT link)

(PacketBroker) Sounds intriguing so long as doesn’t lead to fragmentation of LoRaWAN standards:

Wondering if Packet Broking may finally provide a way to monetize some of my GW deployments whilst still providing/supporting a community based service? :thinking:

‘Open’ use of GW’s forwarding to TTN NS for community use, but then also forwarding/exchanging non-TTN traffic to 3rd Party users (Network Operators, other private/network GW operators, end users?) on per packet basis for small upayments or an open contract?

…need to watch developments and poss look at early engagements/tests :wink:

for more information and see topic

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