The LIBRARY basement part 12

If anyone missed it LoRWAN is now formally allowed for use in Israel - using 917-920Mhz - a variation L-A is refering to as AS923-4 …moving us beyond ‘approved trials only’ :slight_smile: :champagne: :fireworks:

New HopeRF LoRa Tranceiver Module: RFM95CW

I spotted the HopeRF RFM95CW module which appears to be new.

It looks like a shielded version of the RFM95(W) module and has FCC certification.
Markings on the shield: RFM95C

RFM95CW product page

RFM95CW specification sheet

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New resources added, and more to come, should also be easier to find relevant materials…I haven’t explored in detail yet. Also, as before, provides a development network server to test against if generating products/services looking beyond just the scope of TTN ( using Chipstack instance). :thinking: wonder if it can/does peer with TTN via PacketBroker?!

Price rises ahead due to shortages, $35 2GB Pi4 heading back up to $45, with the bad news softened by re-introduction of the 1GB version back at the $35 price point. Also, sounds like those of us using Pi Zeroes or 3B+'s for our gateways may also struggle with supply over next 12 months or so

A new small form factor Arduino/sensor bd… perhaps worth pairing with a LoRaWAN module with integrated stack using AT commands over UART or poss over SPI? Processor is 64 MHz Arm® Cortex M4 (nRF52832). Memory is 512KB Flash / 64KB RAM; 2MB SPI Flash for storage; 2MB QSPI dedicated for BHI260AP

The board appears to be primarily designed as a sensor board that communicates / transmits its data over BT to a central (edge) controller.

It has 2 SPI interfaces, one is externally available, the other used for onboard flash memory.
Using it standalone combined with SPI LoRa module (and e.g. with LMIC) for LoRaWAN appears to be possible.

Havent looked at details (no free time) but think I saw a serial option called out hence suggesting using seperate module with own stack - far easier and faster I suspect than messing with trying to get LMIC on board? And wasn’t too sure about SPI hence the poss(ible) and ‘?’…but you know LMIC and LMIC-node etc best :wink: . Think part of the onboard processing model is to try to use onboard ML/AI to do edge processing, make ‘sense’ of local sensed data then perhaps send a small amount of data or ‘results’ onward based on LoRaWAN (EdgeImpulse anyone?!)

Can we add support on TTN for Israel frequency plans?

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As used by our friends at Lacuna Space :wink:

Incoming short term/short notice LetsEncrypt revocation, details linked here

Sigfox has reportedly filed for an initial 6 months bankruptcy protection!!! Looks like managed to burn through their $300M+ investment…

Sad to see a fellow tech & IOT traveller fail… but cant help but smile a little as it (potentially) removes some competition from the low traffic end of the LoRaWAN & TTN use cases… lets hope any disappointment or concerns raised dont rub off as concerns for the wider LPWAN/IOT ecosystem in general…

… now …how can we recruit/convert some of the Sigfox GW sites?! :thinking: :slight_smile:

Signs of stress had been there for nearly 2 years with their UK operation effectively stopping site rental payments back in 2020 as Covid started to bite and with the companies Auditors raising a big note of caution for their future as a going concern back in September, warning they would go insolvent without a fresh cash injection!

Same Story on Yahoo Finance:

In their last accounts filing the company posted a net loss of nearly €91 million on revenues of just over €24 million, and financial debts of €118 million.

FOR SALE: PyCom SigFox board & SIM.

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:rofl: What can I say?! … you should have consulted with me before parting with your beer tokens! :beer:

I think I’ve got half a dozen new unused ardiono sigfox boards :frowning:

As I just posted in the Bye Bye Sigfox thread

Actually looks like they want to limp along for a while with service still up (6mo+?) whilst they restructure debt and look for fresh money… good luck to them…

So may still have some utility…but if in doubt…Recycle responsibly of course! :rofl:

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I guess today is the day for all TTN Raspberry Pi based GW owners (and a few nodes?) to turn and say

Ha-Pi Pirthday Raspi!

Its 10 years since the intro of the 1st RPi (Technically its 29th Feb - but as 2022 isnt a leap year we celebrate today (or tomorrow!)) :tada :birthday: :fireworks: :champagne:

Many of us are truely grateful and appreciative of this (family) of useful little SBC’s…


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Talking of birthdays - Just realised that Feb 2022 marked the 20th Birthday for Visual Studio .NET amd the 1st .NET platform launched…god I feel old! :rofl:

One for longer term (<=2019) Adafruit users -

Looks like ‘responsible disclosure’ initially went out the window but they have now recanted due to web protests and commentaries, esp around potential blocking in response to spreading the word… might be worth checking haveibeenpwned listings :wink:

New update for Raspian(Bullseye) - Raspberry Pi OS - incoming…bye bye default user Pi in security update.

Additional coverage & commentary:

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