The WORKBENCH part 1


KISS (keep it stupid simple) Antenna Stands


‘hidden’ 3v3 dc/dc converter Pololu S7V8F3

it’s alive

little programmable packet generator

you can change the backlight color by changing led’s
searching for info on libs and wiring you come across tons off nice projects with this cheap display.
DHCP IP, Mac Address and Hostname Sniffer


new stock of dupont cables arrived … I was always short of the short male-male ones :sunglasses:


the LoRaWAN metaldetector frontend kit arrived :wink:

not to complicated for a sunday

conclusion : it works, if you want to detect big metal objects from a 5 cm distance :sunglasses:

(Dave Thornton) #263

Just built one. 5cm in free air perhaps. :slight_smile:


so defenitely not usefull for detecting parked cars :wink: (or finding gold nuggets)


found some rotary’s and some nice big, but low, rotary knobs

The Things Node : new low power library development
(chaolue) #266

I know I’m replying to a rather old message, but thought I add this in if someone else was having trouble getting lower power use out of the BSFrance Lora32u4 II

After struggling to get anything below 200 mA, found the Arduino IDE board library provided by DiYMall must have been wrong or old. Downloaded one from BSFrance website with much better success with LowPower lib. There may be hope to use it as a battery powered node after all.

Waiting on a new multimeter to get more accurate results.


thanx I will try :sunglasses:
(can you meassure it powered from a battery/lipo) so including the dc/dc circuit


did you also burn the bootoader from bsfrance?

(chaolue) #269

Slightly less with via battery.

Also, didn’t burn BSFrance bootloader. Assumed they were identical.


I really don’t understand this but he, its 20x better then my lowest find and very acceptable for a battery powered device (its not 50 uA but ok :wink: )


€14,20 EUR incl shipping and coming from France

see code example here

* ordered another one, now from BSFRANCE from link , and it’s expected here beginning next week


The day after … and what a great day it was !

Met with many nice TTN’ers …
@Charles @wienkegiezeman @kersing @pe1mew @arjanvanb @bluejedi @laurens @rish @johan @telkamp @brocaar @75axr75

have fun on day 2 :sunglasses:


and tnx @Charles for the PCB’s :sunglasses:


I’m glad to tell you that you you won a RAK831 gateway at workshop @bluejedi and I gave it to @laurens, you should have soon, congratulations !!!


tnx Charles ! BlueJedi send me a messages yesterday evening … I am happy, now I can try everything I learned from the excellent RAK-RESIN workshop


With special thanks to @kersing who did a major part of the preparations and presented the first of the three gateway workshops.

(Jens) #277

When i saw the picture… :smile:
Yesterday ariving from a nice guy from our community.

And YES he want`s to proof my solderskills!

And @Charles … A big THANK YOU for your marvelous PCB`s. Love them.


(Jens) #278


At the moment at my Wörkbensch.

Building a Freifunk-IoT-outdoor-Gateway.

Starting with a little photosession

Wrote a little bit description in our Forum

And sorry guys, english is not my langauge. ;-p

Feel free to visit our Website to find out more.

Greets and have fun


looks like early Christmas on your table … all nice presents :sunglasses: