The WORKBENCH part 1


a few weeks ago I stumbled on eBay on these ’ range extenders '
They are used to extend the range when controlling a drone. basically just a reflector…

So I thought, when I mount one on a circulair little platform that can rotate with the help of a little stepper motor, and in the middle stationairy a ‘normal’ rubberduck on 868 mhz, I can influence the 'beam / direction a bit by rotating the platform by controlling the stepper.

Imagine this antenna is following your lorawan tracker (it calculates the direction from the coordinates it receives and its own coordinates)
on a little screen you see direction, distance and …

maybe its not working at all, but I’ll give it a try… expect the 'range extenders ’ next week :sunglasses:


node test setup … not much time today


post nl brought my new dustcollectors :sunglasses:


So you are not actually going to use them? :wink:


@BoRRoZ fall in love with wires when he was young, he’s always prototyping with wires soldered everywhere even when using ESP32, for me, you know, it’s LED, everyone has to live with own daemon :wink:


Dustcollector: “Gathering dust” is an English saying which means that you are going to put it on a shelve and not use it, so it will only collect dust. :slightly_smiling_face:

So, should we call you Mr. LED from now on? :wink:


first rf results comparison RFM95 - HPD13A … BSFRANCE board (1) and DIYmall board (2)
conclusion ABP-TTN - no difference … prefer the BSFRANCE (delivery 4 days!)

have to measure consumption now (and sleepmodes)


While your comparison will probably not be far off, a true comparison can only be made under identical conditions. You are currently using two different versions of the BSFrance LoRa32U4 board, the new one using an IPEX connector on the bottom, while the older one with a cable soldered directly to the RFM95 module.
Also, the exact same antenna (and position) should be used for both modules.

The best comparison i.m.o. would be with adapter boards like the HopeRF RFM95W adapter with SMA connector where the antennas can be mounted directly to the board.
It would also be nice to use a proper 868MHz dipole antenna (like those 19,5cm whips) for the comparison as it will be less dependant on a proper groundplane.
(Note: this is a remark, not a request. :slightly_smiling_face:)


You are currently using two different versions of the BSFrance LoRa32U4 board

as planned , I use

  • same 3dbi antenne in same position indoors (the receiving gateways are app. 3 km away- note SF7)
  • same power supply
  • same sketch / same application / same ABP credentials

but theoretically you’re right - for me its clear all ready
will try OTAA and deepsleep

due to lack of space in my workshop :wink: I use my dining table


I heard from someone at the conference that the HPDTek modules draw more current than the HopeRF modules. So it will be interesting to see your findings.


nice… node current consumption and TTN console on one screen, DMM on LAN :sunglasses:
if I can connect that to a live YT channel…


BSFRANCE hpd13A OTAA idle without deepsleep (forgot :slight_smile: )


Small 2 Wire 2.4-30V 0.28inch LED Voltmeter

I replaced the wires by header pins

This allows them to be used on breadboards very easily and they can also be connected with Dupont cable.



Any, links, I was searching for those capable to work with 3.3V or 5V, these should do the trick :wink:
Edit, just search on ebay,with Small 2 Wire 2.4-30V 0.28inch LED Voltmeter :wink:



these are better… incl. enclosure US $0.99 incl. shipping - different colours


yes but power min need 4.5V, so can’t use with 3.3V boards :wink:


yep … I forgot :sunglasses:

here on a lipo


lastnight surfing I stumbled upon a free website hoster.
was a long time ago that I did some webdesign and coding.
So I gave it a quick try, just a few clicks

and voila

nice admin server panel to:

so… my idea is to test if I can get nice graphics from TTN nodes on the web with absolutely free tools


I won a RAK831 + Pi @ the TTN conference attending a RESIN / RAK workshop.
It just arrived, big tnx to @Charles @bluejedi @laurens @kersing :sunglasses: