The WORKBENCH part 1


based on HPD13A

(Bsiege) #301

xbee standard


yes that converterboard looks like it would probably fit … I allready started making one myself :sunglasses:


That is HPD13A (4-layer PCB, according to @rocketscream).

HPD13 was the version without shield, which looked similar to RFM95 (2-layer).


will that work with lmic lib ??? @rocketscream

  • probably should work

** confirmed :sunglasses:



Yes, it is the same as on the TTGO V2 (apparently) on which I have lmic running.

The HPDTek module is size and pin compatible with the common SX127x / RFM9x modules.

Those look like LoRa (only) examples, not LoRaWAN. I guess not lmic compatible but I don’t know.


dc/dc + 18650 charger 3v and 5v out … handy cheap power solution for node

  • buying battery’s in China is always a bit tricky
    in this shop I found original NCR18650B - very good battery

(Gry Kyo) #307

Only thing on the workbench this week is me! So annoyed I had a clash that stopped me booking the Amsterdam trip. So relieved now that I didn’t as I wouldn’t have made it :hospital:
First hospital visit since 1977 so can’t complain, back to solder and flux fumes tomorrow!
I must compliment you all on top quality forum content (sanity fuel :grin: )


’ solder and flux ’ that feeling home smell … book early for conference 2019 :wink:


tnx… I’m a selfdescribed ‘ADHD electronic junk’ … but with a reason.

first I don’t have a day job and second I have had a stroke in 2002… a serious one, that damaged something.
so now I hear 24/7 ‘noise’ in my head… tweaking and electronics was my job when I was young so I picked that up again and discovered that when I.m programming/soldering I pay less attention to that noise.
I understand that for someone with little freetime, I must look like I am day and night at my workbench :slight_smile:

Also I really hope that other TTN’ers show what they are doing here… see it as a kind of ‘electronic’ pub, this is not my ‘private’ topic :sunglasses:

And the reason that I always post pictures is that I like that myself on other forums … makes topic more interesting imho.

(Gry Kyo) #310

You should be on the TTN payroll!
Bouts of mild tinitis myself but intermittent and not a life changer. How coincidental I have a deep vein clot and some embolism in my lungs. No stroke, just a big scare!. No reason as I am a competitive swimmer and (for fun) triathlete, a mystery.

Hopefully not related to 60:40 solder and flux fumes!


just now we have 30.000 lorawan frames transmitted on a single AA battery without missing one.
that says something about the quality of the TTN backend (and the rocketscream node ) and off course
the stability of MyDevices Cayenne.

big thank you factorylab for transporting the bulk of these packets. :sunglasses:

(Tim Everitt) #312

Hi @BoRRoZ, no need for any kind of excuses from you! The viewing numbers for “your” workbench topic prove that.
Like @GryKyo, I also suffer from tinnitus. 40 years ago army training and exercising as artillery gun-crew has left me with continuous screeching that blots out all hearing from about 900Hz to about 1.3kHz. Most of the gun-crew men were completely deaf.
Like @BoRRoZ I use immersive engineering work to distract me from the noise.
Please continue with the good work on the workbench topic!


thank you … I’m not alone :sunglasses:

(Gry Kyo) #314

Hold up there! Waaaay above my pay grade now!

But I concur, the catalyst for many on here I suspect, thanks.



  • preparing a non scientific TTN join/signal comparison between

32U4 - DIYmall rfm95
32U4 - BSFRANCE hpd13A
328p - CH2I rfm95


yep found it in NLin China everybody is partying :sunglasses:

(Andreas Schroeder) #317

For the rak811? That should do the job :+1:

Unfortunately we need an adapter for the breadboard adapter?!


the rows in the middle are 2.54 … so that fits in a breadboard

(Andreas Schroeder) #319

I understood and did that myself before (RAK811 breakout pinout) - but i dont’t like it!

RAK should have (optional) done this for us. Cant’t see the real benefit of the breakout board with 2mm pitch. Maybe i missed something.